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OYAIDE EXPLORER 2.0 V2 Cut to length (1M unit) Speaker cable

*Products are sold in 1M units. Please replace the desired length with the quantity when ordering.

If you order 1 unit... 1M cable will be delivered in one piece
If you order 3 units... 3M cable will be delivered in one piece

The original "EXPLORER" features flexible polyethylene that combines electrical properties and flexibility, a geometric design, and an air damper. Since its introduction in 2008, the original "EXPLORER" has met a wide range of needs, from pure audio to home theater, with excellent performance that is unimaginable from its simple appearance. However, in 2013, the PCOCC-A conductor used in the original "EXPLORER" was discontinued, and the original "EXPLORER" was unfortunately discontinued. Now in 2014, the lifeblood of this cable is passed on to the "EXPLORER V2" with the precision conductor "102SSC". In order to inherit the concept of the thoroughly considered first model, the structure of the "EXPLORER V2" is the same as the first model. Please enjoy Oyaide's confident work, which has been thoroughly polished with the precision conductor "102SSC" and has a new taste.

The new speaker cable "EXPLORER V2" uses the precision conductor "102SSC".
A speaker cable with excellent cost performance, formed in the simplest form consisting of an insulator and a conductor.
While inheriting the basic structure of the first "EXPLORER", it is the first in the world to introduce the patented "3E twist" technology for twisting conductors (Sanshu Electric Wire Patent Publication 2007-317477, Patent Publication 2009-266670).

"3E twist" is a patented technology that geometrically twists three different wire diameters to make the conductor denser, eliminating the deterioration of sound quality caused by inter-wire distortion.

Flex polyethylene is used for the insulator, which combines electrical properties with flexibility.

The geometric design minimizes contact with the floor, suppressing the transmission of vibration from the floor.

Air dampers (hollow layers) are placed between the conductors to dampen vibrations and suppress increases in dielectric constant.

The sheath is marked with "EXPLORER V2" and "102SSC" to clearly indicate that it is a V2 model.
Available in three thicknesses: 0.75SQ/1.25SQ/2.0SQ, it meets a wide range of needs, including pure audio, home theater, bi-wire connection, distance of use, and cost.

Structure: 2-core parallel (VFF)
Conductor: 102SSC
Wire diameter: 2.0SQ (37 strands/3E twist)
Insulation: Flex polyethylene
Outer diameter: 3.7mm x 8.6mm
Sheath engraving color: Gold

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