Furutech CF-602F NCF(R) XLR Plug

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Specifications: 〓18.6mm X 70.85mm overall length approx.
External dimensions : 〓18.6mm X 70.85mm overall length approx.
Weight (net) : 58.2g approx.

2mm hex driver (H2.0)* 1PC
1.27mm* 50L hex driver (H1.27)* 1PC
* Excessive torque may damage the screw. The recommended optimum tightening torques are as follows
Conductor wire set screw: 25cN?m (2.55kgf-cm)
Housing fixing screw: 30cN?m (3.06kgf-cm)
To avoid damage to the insulation, be sure to observe the following soldering temperature and time.
Recommended soldering conditions: Temperature: max. approx. 425℃ Time: max. approx. 15 sec.