Furutech CF-102 NCF High-end Grade RCA Conversion Plug Rhodium Plating

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NCF Center Pin Multi-Material Hybrid Structure
Alpha OCC rhodium-plated one-piece center conductor with Full Tech's special material "NCF" injected inside the center pin as a countermeasure against static electricity. In addition to the powerful vibration damping effect, the electrostatic effect has been enhanced.

This reduces noise generation, increases the sense of silence, and eliminates the muddiness of the sound, thereby bringing out the original appeal of the buried sound source. It does not color the sound but brings out the ability of the original sound source and equipment.

Two stages of full-tech - ultra-low temperature processing and special electromagnetic field processing - alpha process
Fultech has developed a two-step to alpha process alpha process that uses cutting-edge technology and materials to significantly improve every aspect of audiovisual performance. The first stage is ultra-cold treatment of all metal parts during the manufacturing process. It uses a refrigerant (liquid nitrogen or helium) and processes at a temperature of 196 ~ 2 50 degrees Celsius. The processed parts change their molecular structure at these ultra-low temperatures, which relax internal stresses. The molecules bond more tightly and the whole structure is more stable. This improves electrical conductivity and improves power and signal transmission.

The second stage of the alpha process involves applying a patented ring demagnetization process to these same components.
Ordinary high-power magnets used for this purpose often increase the magnetic effect. Some regions remain more magnetized than others.
This patented process uses controlled damping to eliminate magnetization completely. Ring demagnetization further increases the conductivity of all treated materials. All connectors and conductor metal parts used in Fultech products are subjected to an alpha process to keep them in a completely stress-free, stable and highly conductive state.

CF -102 NCF (R) Features and Materials
Tubular alpha (alpha) OCC rhodium-plated one-piece structural conductor pins are implanted with Full Tech's ultimate antistatic and resonant damping material, NCF. NCF improves depth and focus of sound stage, overtones and sound balance. Low frequencies are cleaner, and lowering the noise floor allows for a clearer sense.
Alpha (alpha) copper alloy rhodium-plated body.
Housing: The multi-material hybrid NCF carbon housing consists of a hard clear coat on the outside and another layer of hybrid NCF silver-plated 3k carbon fiber underneath. Inside is a non-magnetic stainless steel housing. The best damping and insulation improve frequency expansion and sound balance.
Conductor wires are connected by screwing.
Maximum Cable Applicable Diameter 11.0 mm

External dimensions phi 14.0 mm x 54.0 mm overall length approx.
Weight (net) 29.5 g approx.
Accessories Small 1.5 mm hex screwdriver (H 1.5)
Large 2 mm hex screwdriver (H 2.0)
Too much torque can damage the screws.
The recommended optimal tightening torque is:
Conductor Set Screw: 85 cN/m 30 cN/m
Rear housing fixing screws: 30 cN/m

*Main metal parts are subjected to FURUTE CH alpha alpha alpha) process treatment (ultra-low temperature treatment at 196 degrees Celsius and special electromagnetic field treatment).

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