Patch cable 30cm SS Oyaide Electric NEO by OYAIDE Elec QAC-222G SS/0.3 Instrument patch cable

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NEO by OYAIDE Elec QAC-222G SS/0.3 Instrument Patch Cable

In a band ensemble, the most important factor in sound output is the presence and individuality of the guitar and bass as instruments.
NEO has completely followed the design concept of the QAC-222 cable, and by tuning the wire material through annealing adjustments, the range and the band that stands out are adjusted, the sound density is concentrated, and the shielded cable QAC-222G has been completed in pursuit of practicality for guitars.

OYAIDE \"SS-47\" is used for the solder, which is a major factor in determining the character of the sound. It gives a sense of speed to each band to the dense sound in the concentrated range, achieving both richness and clarity in the sound output.

Instead of using regular plugs for the patch cable plugs, a new short plug has been designed that is compact and convenient.

The cable is printed in gold on a striking red, achieving a luxurious finish that is unparalleled in guitar cables. This cable stands out on stage not only for its sound but also for its coloring, making it a cable you'll want to own and pick up.

The QAC-222G was born after a perfect renewal from plug to cable, and it has a distinctive edge and overwhelming presence. The QAC-222G brings out the individuality of your instruments.

Plug: Phone plug for QAC-222G (Regular & Patch Cable)
Solder: OYAIDE SS-47

Straight short phone plug - Straight short phone plug

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