Patch cable 15cm LL Oyaide Electric NEO by OYAIDE Elec G-SPOT CABLE CLL 0.15m

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NEO by OYAIDE Elec G-SPOT CABLE CLL 0.15m patch cable

Dry and natural. "G-SPOT" cable for guitar

In response to the needs of many users, the crank patch cable of G-SPOT CABLE is now available!

G-SPOT CABLE: Dense mid-low range, thick and solid sound. The high range is also natural, so it is characterized by a sound that is not harsh on the ears.

It adds weight to guitar-centered riffs and thick guitar chord sounds, giving them a sense of unity.

The smooth sustain allows for stress-free playing even in solos such as long tones, and its excellent response to volume changes allows it to handle subtle nuances in playing. Therefore, it fully demonstrates its performance even when used with clean tones.

This cable is particularly compatible with single coil instruments such as Stratocaster, Telecaster, Jaguar, and Jazzmaster.

The G-SPOT CABLE was developed with a focus on the frequency range required for guitar.
The metallic purple cable is equipped with the G-SPOT CABLE's exclusive gold-covered phone plug, P-260MLG, and the clear, natural sound produced by the glittering appearance is very easy to use for beginners as well as professionals, and promises a higher level of guitar playing.

Conductor: JIS C 3102 bare annealed copper wire 100/0.08A (center 1500D/L Technora included)
Insulator: Polyolefin natural color (white)
Shield: JIS C 3102 bare annealed copper wire, horizontal winding, 0.18A/57 strands ±5 strands
Exterior sheath: PVC purple
Plug: NEO original P-260MLG

Length: 0.15m
Plug: CLL (crank type LL)

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