OYAIDE STB-CM-4 Multi-use carbon pipe (4 pieces 1 set) x 2 sets

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OYAIDE STB-CM-4 Multi-use carbon pipe (4 pieces 1 set) x 2 sets
*Sold in a total of 8 pieces, OYAIDE STB-CM-4 (4 pieces in 1 set) x 2 sets.

There are endless possibilities depending on your ideas, such as cable stabilizers, insulators, and replacement weights for STB-MSX. Multi-use carbon pipe.

Oyaide Electric was one of the first to pay attention to the acoustic properties of carbon materials, and has released a number of audio accessories. Taking advantage of this know-how, the multi-use carbon pipe "STB-CM" was designed. Fast-propagating, strong and lightweight carbon CFRP is molded into a 3mm thick pipe. This simple and extremely strong pipe is truly ``multi-use''. It demonstrates the vibration processing ability and electromagnetic shielding effect unique to carbon in a variety of situations.

"STB-CM" provides a new appeal for tuning the sound quality of analog playback, for example as a replacement weight for the record stabilizer "STB-MSX". It can also be used as a cable stabilizer to pass cables and RCA plugs through, and installed as an insulator at the bottom of audio equipment and speakers. Furthermore, it has endless possibilities as a structural component for homemade items such as board supports, parts holders for condensers, volume knobs, etc. Please check the possibilities hidden in the simple form of "STB-CM" with your own ideas and practice.

●High-speed processing of unnecessary vibrations using an extra-thick 3mm thick CFRP pipe:
Multilayer carbon fiber is laminated and thermoset with epoxy resin. Molded into an extra-thick 3mm thick CFRP pipe. The high rigidity unique to carbon handles unnecessary vibrations at high speed. You can also expect improvements in resolution and S/N ratio due to electromagnetic shielding. In addition, "STB-CM" has sufficient strength and durability, with a load capacity of 500kg/piece and a heat resistance of 120℃.
Additionally, the inner and outer edges of the STB-CM end face are tapered to prevent scratches on the objects being used.

●Achieves high-speed sound quality tuning by incorporating into "STB-MSX":
"STB-CM" has the same dimensions as the weight that comes with the record stabilizer "STB-MSX" (outer diameter 20mm, height 17mm) and can be replaced with the weight that comes with it. By replacing the attached weight of "STB-MS" with "STB-CM" or by installing a hybrid between the attached weight and "STB-CM", you can freely change the mass and sound quality of "STB-MSX". Overall, as the number of STB-CMs installed increases, the sound quality becomes sharper and faster.
(STB-CM cannot be installed on STB-HWX because the weight height dimensions are different.)

●Multi-use applications such as cable stabilizers and insulators:
It can be used for multiple purposes, such as passing cables and RCA plugs through it as a cable stabilizer, or installing it under audio equipment or speakers as an insulator.
As a cable stabilizer, you can use multiple STB-CMs on one cable, and by adjusting the number of STB-CMs installed, you can get the best tune to suit your preferences.
When making your own power cable, by passing "STB-CM" through the cable in advance, you can create an original power cable that effectively suppresses vibrations in the cable section. (Cable diameter must be less than 14mm.)
Furthermore, even if there is a gap between the "STB-CM" and the cable or plug, it will still work as a stabilizer. In addition, you can use it in combination with damping tape, cushioning materials, etc. depending on your preference, and the possibilities are endless.

- Unlimited possibilities depending on your ideas as a structural component for self-made items:
The uses of STB-CM are not limited to stabilizers and insulators, but have infinite possibilities depending on the user's ideas. For example, it can be used as a structural member for homemade items, as a substrate support, or as a parts holder for capacitors, etc. It can also be used for a variety of purposes, such as placing it over a volume knob to dampen vibrations in volume parts that are sensitive to vibrations.
The epoxy resin that is the matrix component of STB-CM can be bonded with commercially available adhesives such as instant adhesives, epoxy adhesives, and rubber adhesives, making it easy to handle as craft parts.
The beauty of STB-CM has excellent possibilities for decorative purposes, so please use your own ideas to find your own way to use it, not just for audio.

【Product Specifications】
Product name: STB-CM-4
Material: CFRP (carbon UD + carbon cloth)
Dimensions: Outer diameter φ20, inner diameter φ14, wall thickness 3, height 17 (pipe shape)
Mass: 4g
Load capacity: 500kg/piece
Heat resistance: 120℃
Conductivity: The outer and inner peripheries are non-conductive. The end face is weakly conductive.
Packing quantity: 4 pieces/1 set

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