OYAIDE SS-47 50g Audio-only solder

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OYAIDE SS-47 50g Solder for Audio

The concept of SS-47 is the elimination of individuality. It is to create items that maximize the characteristics of cables and connectors. The base tin of the "SS-47" solder for audio is high purity 4N (99.993% or more) tin, which has been thoroughly purified of impurities. Pure silver is generously added to improve conductivity. The amount is an unprecedented 4.7%. In addition, 1.7% copper, which has the second highest conductivity among metals after silver, is added to make it a eutectic solder.

Of course, the flux (tar) is also carefully considered. In consideration of the inhibition of surface corrosion, residual chlorine is kept below 0.12%, and the flux used in SS-47 is a special compound that shows an amazing workability with a spreading rate of 83%.

These compounding ratios were not determined solely from numerical data and workability, but as an audio solder, sound quality is given top priority. After numerous hearing tests on prototype models with various compounding ratios, we finally completed SS-47, a solder for audio equipment. SS-47 is the ultimate tool for maximizing the performance of the materials used and achieving stress-free craftwork.

Materials and compounding ratio
Normal solder has a tin purity of about 99.9% (3N) for cost reasons. "SS-47" uses high-purity tin of 99.993% (4N) or more, further increasing the purity and eliminating impurities to the maximum extent possible.

Silver and copper are also compounded to improve conductivity and prevent solder from eroding. Moreover, while the silver compounding ratio for normal alloy solder is 3 to 3.5%, "SS-47" generously uses a whopping 4.7%.

In addition, 1.7% copper, which has the second highest conductivity among metals after silver, is compounded. This compounding ratio dramatically improves conductivity and successfully sets the eutectic point at 217 degrees.

Pursuit of ease of use
83% spread rate. With a 40W soldering iron, the solder will penetrate in a few seconds.

Also, it cools quickly at the eutectic point of 217 degrees, so the work is completed without damaging the surrounding material due to heat. What's more, regardless of your skill, you will be amazed at the overwhelming workability and beautiful finish. Electrical signals flow along the surface of a material. This is called the skin effect, and is particularly noticeable in the high frequency band. SS-47 has the greatest advantage of eutectic solder, a smooth surface that does not interfere with the signal characteristics.
Smooth surface. This means no signal disturbance and minimal distortion.

SS-47 specifications
Material: High purity 4N (99.993% or more) Tin: 93.6%, Pure silver: 4.7%, Pure copper: 1.7%
Flux: 3.3%, Chlorine content 0.12% or less, Low scattering, No cleaning type
Wire diameter: 1.0mm
Melting temperature: 217 degrees (eutectic point)
Other: Pb-free, RoHS compliant
Contents: 50g

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