OYAIDE SPYT Crimp-on Y-lug terminal (set of 4)

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OYAIDE SPYT Crimp-on Y-lug Terminal (Set of 4)

Silver + palladium-plated crimp-on Y-lug.

When considering speaker cables as a single component, the terminals are also an important part of sound production. We have specially created a Y-lug that actively controls the tone without compromising the character of the cable. From a 2mm thick oxygen-free copper plate, we punched out the shape, smoothed the surface, applied heavy silver plating, and then applied palladium plating, a time-consuming process. Making something good means "sparing no effort" - that is the Oyaide style. If you can't imagine the sound, just make it - that is the Oyaide style. The shape is compatible with 6mm and 8mm posts to fit any speaker.

[Product Specifications]

Name: SPYT

Material: Oxygen-free copper (OFC)

Surface treatment: Polished twice, then thickened silver plating (1.5μ) + palladium plating (0.3μ) finish

Connection method: Soldering or crimping

Applicable terminal diameter: 6.0mm 8.0mm

Maximum applicable wire diameter: Diameter 5mm 10Sq

Package quantity: 4 pieces per set

Other: Comes with heat shrink tube for terminal protection

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