OYAIDE SCR-S Record Cartridge Mounting Screws, Nuts, and Washer Set

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OYAIDE SCR-S Screws, Nuts, and Washers Set for Installing Record Cartridges

Eliminates rattling and loosening between the head shell and cartridge, contributing to improved sound quality.

High-rigidity record cartridge installation screws, nuts, and washers set.

[SCR-S Specifications]

Brass 24K gold-plated screws: M2.6 x 6/8/10mm, 2 pieces each

Brass 24K gold-plated nuts: M2.6, 6 pieces

Carbon graphite nylon washers: 6 pieces

When playing records, the cartridge is the entrance to the sound, and choosing a cartridge is one of the joys of analog audio fans. However, even if you have a cartridge, if the screws are not selected or installed properly, you will not be able to fully utilize its performance.

For example, general aluminum screws have low rigidity and cannot be said to be the best in terms of sound quality. In addition, when installing using only conventional screws and nuts, the screws tend to spin freely and become loose, causing problems such as the cartridge rattling and loosening.

The products developed to solve this problem and provide a better record life are [SCR-S] and [SCR-L]. By using [SCR-S] and [SCR-L], you can securely attach your cartridge and maximize its performance.

[Features of SCR-S]
The screws/nuts are made of brass with excellent rigidity and are plated with 24K gold to increase corrosion resistance while creating a luxurious feel around the cartridge. In addition, by providing a gold-plated layer with a different hardness from the brass, we have tried to disperse the vibration modes unique to the material. The screws are flat-headed minus screws, which are less likely to be crushed and easier to tighten than Phillips screws. The nuts have a non-slip flat knurling, making it easier to hold the nut down when tightening and less likely to spin the screw idly. The outer diameter of the screw head/nut is a small head size of 4 mm, which is less likely to damage the area around the cartridge, and can also be used on head shells with countersunk holes for screw head insertion.

■Carbon graphite nylon washer.
The industry's first new material, the "carbon graphite nylon washer", is a key part of the SCR-S and SCR-L. This washer has the characteristics of both metal and resin, i.e., moderate slipperiness and cushioning, which reduces the screw's freewheeling and allows for stronger tightening. This increases the adhesion between the cartridge and head shell, eliminating the cartridge's rattle that causes deterioration in sound quality. The washer has an outer diameter of 4.7 mm, which is larger than the outer diameter of the screw head/nut, expanding the contact area with the cartridge/head shell. By dispersing the screw seat pressure, deformation and depression around the cartridge are mitigated, making the screw less likely to loosen.

■Screw length.
Two lineups are available: 6/8/10 mm [SCR-S] and 12/14/17 mm [SCR-L] Two lineups are available: 6/8/10 mm [SCR-S] and 12/14/17 mm [SCR-L]. You can purchase the product that matches your cartridge/headshell without waste.

*When using*

- Please check the screw length of the product you have before purchasing.

- The indicated length of the screw is the neck dimension (length excluding the screw head).

- It does not matter whether the washer is attached to the screw/nut side.

- Please prepare your own precision screwdriver (flat head).

- Do not tighten too much as it may cause damage.

- When attaching the nut, insert the screw from the side of the hole that is tapered inward.

- Cannot be used with cartridges (such as Ortofon) that have an M2.5 female thread (screw hole).

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