OYAIDE R0 Beryllium Audio Wall Outlet

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OYAIDE R0 Beryllium Audio Wall Outlet

Beryllium copper-free electrodes Rich sound with rich colors.

■Beryllium copper-free electrode.
The passionate dynamism of beryllium copper is difficult to replace with other materials. In order to bring out the tone of the beryllium copper material straight, the electrodes are unplated.

Furthermore, in order to improve the smoothness of the electrode surface and minimize conductive loss, each "R0" electrode is carefully buffed and polished by hand by craftsmen. Craftsmanship and sensibilities breathe soul into R0.

In addition, we have made the mounting band non-plated to reduce the price so that more people can purchase it. The cover material is PBT (GF30%), an engineering plastic mixed with glass filler, which has been proven by the "SWO-ULTIMO SERIES" and "R1". The allowable input is inherited from "R1" and supports a large capacity of 125V/20A. All screws are original machined stainless steel products, making them strong and durable.

The maximum cable installation size is compatible with core wires up to 5.5sq. It has a strong and large set screw, boasting outstanding fixing strength and workability. Beryllium copper electrodes have a tensile strength of over 30kg/m3, which is 1.5 times that of phosphor bronze. It maintains a strong grip on the power plug and achieves stable power transmission. All processing uses domestic materials, and assembly is also done in Japan. Please experience the high quality of domestic materials.

"R0" comes with two electromagnetic wave absorbing outlet caps "MWA-EC" that triple block dust, vibration, and noise by simply plugging them into an open outlet.

【Product Specifications】
Product name: R0
Blade holder material: Beryllium copper, 20A compatible structure
Blade guard finish: No plating, twice buffed and polished
Body: High rigidity glass filler (30%) PBT resin
Mounting band: Brass unplated, completely non-magnetic
Connection method: Plug-in screw type (maximum applicable diameter for single wire: 2.6mm / maximum applicable cross-sectional area for stranded wire: 5.5sq)
Rating: 125V/15A and 125V/20A Specifications PSE certified product
Accessories: Electromagnetic wave absorption outlet cap “MWA-EC” x 2 pieces

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