OYAIDE P-3.5GL 3.5mm stereo mini plug L-shaped hole diameter 6.0mm

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OYAIDE P-3.5GL 3.5mm Stereo Mini Plug L-Shaped Hole Diameter 6.0mm

3.5mm stereo mini plug made of the highest quality materials and precision.

With the advent of the iPod, the field of music enjoyment has expanded infinitely. Due to its convenience, it is positioned as a new media player for audiophiles. Its portability in any field has established a new listening style for audiophiles. Various accessories and headphones have been released with the iPod at the core, and headphones in particular are indispensable. Currently, the headphone market is prosperous.

The number of models with detachable cables, including Ultrazone, is increasing. We know that with this, the number of users who are trying to improve sound quality by replacing cables is also increasing. In addition, a new movement has emerged: the emergence of portable headphone amplifiers.

As a cable to connect these portable devices, Oyaide Electric developed the high-quality 3.5 mini plug "P-3.5 series" when it released the HPC series. These 3.5 mini plugs are now sold separately for DIY users. Bringing the high quality of advanced portable audio to audiophiles, and the joy of building.

●Materials and structure:
The "P-3.5 Series" 3.5 stereo plug was designed to give a unique identity to the HPC Series (1.2.3.) and QAC-2023.5MLS. The metal parts are made of brass that meets the European RoHS Directive. The center pin, which is the key to signal transmission, is directly plated with thick gold for the P-3.5G/P-3.5GL, and with 1.5μ thick silver plating for the P3.5SR/P3.5SRL, and is further plated with 0.3μ thick rhodium.

This prevents corrosion of the contacts and contributes to improving transmission characteristics. Oyaide Electric's craftsmanship is also reflected in the outer shell. Each piece is carefully cut by NC machining, precisely knurled, and then finished with beryllium plating, just like a camera lens.

The internal structure is also highly rigid and made of materials that minimize transmission degradation, resulting in a high-quality sound design.

Creating quality. This is the theme that Oyaide Electric will continue to pursue. Every meticulous and careful finish embodies the essence of Japanese craftsmanship.

The P-3.5G/P-3.5GL features a rich sound, sound field, and low-frequency volume, while the P3.5SR/P3.5SRL has a sharp sound image with outstanding clarity and tight low-frequency range. Straight and L-shaped for ease of use. These four variations will expand the fun of making your own cables even further.

[Product Specifications]
Pin type: 3.5mm stereo mini plug type
External shape: L-shaped
Pin plating: 24K gold
Center pin material: Machined brass + thick gold plating
Outer shell minimum diameter: 8.0mm
Outer shell maximum diameter (knurled part): 8.3mm
Connection method: Soldering
Compatible cable diameter: 6.0mm or less

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