OYAIDE P-3.5/4SR 3.5mm 4-pole mini plug, silver + rhodium plating

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OYAIDE P-3.5/4SR 3.5mm 4-pole mini plug silver + rhodium plating

A 4-pole version has been added to the P-3.5 series.


-Silver/rhodium-plated P-3.5/4SR.

-Consistently made in Japan, pursuing quality and functional beauty.

-For replacing and repairing plugs for earphones and headphone cables with remote controls/microphones, and for upgrading plugs.

Oyaide Electric's mini plug "P-3.5 series" has consistently been made in Japan, pursuing quality and functional beauty. With the rise of the portable audio market, its popularity has remained unshakable. In response to user requests, the P-3.5 series will now include the 4-pole versions "P-3.5/4SR" and "P-3.5/4G".

In recent years, 4-pole 3.5φ mini plugs have become more common in earphones with remote controls/microphones, headphones, and video camera input/output cables. On the other hand, there were almost no 4-pole 3.5φ mini plugs that pursued quality. The silver/rhodium-plated "P-3.5/4SR" and the 24K gold-plated "P-3.5/4G" were introduced for users who pursue quality. Please use them widely for making your own earphone cables, repairing them, customizing them, etc.

[Product specifications]
Product name: P-3.5/4SR
Pin type: φ3.5mm mini plug 4-pole specification, straight type
Pin material: Machined brass
Pin plating: Silver + rhodium (P-3.5/4SR)
Outer shell: Machined brass + matte chrome plating (maximum diameter φ8.5)
Jointing method: Soldering
Compatible cable diameter: 4.0mm or less

*As of 2015, the polarity arrangement of mini plugs is not unified and varies depending on the earphones and headphones you have. Please check in advance before starting the work.

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