OYAIDE OSP-SS Screw-on spikes for OCB-1 series Ver.2012 (set of 4)

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OYAIDE OSP-SS Screw-type spikes for OCB-1 series Ver.2012 (set of 4)

Small stainless steel spikes with M4 screws for Oyaide's power strip "OCB-1 Ver.2012".

In the spring of 2012, Oyaide Electric's power strip "OCB-1 series" underwent a minor change, and various optional items can now be attached to the bottom of the strip. By installing these optional items, not only is the installation stable, but it is also possible to pursue a variety of tones by selecting optional items, even though it is the same power strip.

"OSP-SS" is a spike machined with high precision from SUS303 stainless steel. On the OCB-1 mounting side, M4 screws are machined integrally with the spike part, and it can be easily screwed to the bottom of the OCB-1 series Ver.2012.

OSP-SS can be attached to the Ver.2012 model of the OCB-1 series. It is designed to be screwed to the four corners of the bottom of the OCB-1. The screw size is M4. Therefore, if there is an M4 screw hole other than OCB-1, OSP-SS can be attached.

OSP-SS allows OCB-1 to achieve point contact and dampen vibration from the floor. By damping vibration, which is the main cause of sound quality deterioration, the performance of OCB-1 is further enhanced. The high rigidity of stainless steel achieves ideal point contact. Clear contrast, damped low range, and clear mid-high range breathe new life into OCB-1.

OCB-1 Ver.2012 can be distinguished from previous OCB-1 by whether or not there is a gold screw hole on the bottom of the OCB-1.

Ver.2012 model has gold screw holes on the protrusions in the four corners of the back of the case.

[Product Specifications]

Name: Spike for OCB-1 series "OSP-SS"

Compatible models (OCB-1 series Ver.2012): OCB-1EXs, OCB-1 DXs, OCB-1 SX, OCB-1 ST

Material: Machined stainless steel (SUS303)

Dimensions: φ14mm, total length 13mm, spike angle 120° (spike part height 7mm, screw length 6mm, screw diameter M4 size)

Quantity: Set of 4

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