OYAIDE MWA-030 M Noise Cancelling Electromagnetic Wave Absorbing Material A5 Sheet

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OYAIDE MWA-030 M Noise Cancelling Electromagnetic Wave Absorbing Material A5 Sheet

Shut out noise from AV equipment! Realize clear and lively music and images.

The noise cancelling electromagnetic wave absorbing material "MWA series" is a new standard in electromagnetic wave absorbing sheets/tapes that effectively absorb GHz band noise components that have a negative effect on sound quality and image quality due to the magnetic loss ability of magnetic materials, convert them into Joule heat and eliminate them, suppressing unnecessary electromagnetic field resonance.
By sticking it to your equipment or cable, it shuts out AV equipment from noise, eliminating the feeling of noise and distortion. \"Clear and lively music and images\".

● Sendust alloy-based flat metal powder:
Uses "Sendust alloy", a material that has a strong noise absorption ability without side effects on sound quality or images. Sendust alloy (SENDUST) is an old and new material. It was developed in Sendai in the 1930s and is a purely domestic alloy made of Al, Fe, and SiO2 with high magnetic loss. We have succeeded in processing the expensive and difficult-to-process sendust alloy into a flat powder with high electromagnetic wave absorption performance. In addition, an oxide film is formed on the surface of the powder to ensure insulation.

●Polyethylene-based special rubber:
A polyethylene-based special rubber is used as a base material to uniformly and closely fill the sendust alloy, and mixed in the best mixing ratio. Furthermore, this flat powder is uniformly and parallelly oriented in the polyethylene-based special rubber layer using a special manufacturing method to achieve maximum electromagnetic wave absorption performance.

●Wide range of applications including AV equipment, power supply paths, computers, and home appliances:
It is effective when applied to areas where noise is likely to occur, such as around the transformer, chassis, and input/output terminals of AV equipment. It is also recommended to wrap it around the plug part of the power cable or audio/video signal cable (which is prone to radiating noise and is easily exposed to noise), or to apply it to the side or outlet plate of a wall outlet. It can be used in computer chassis and power supplies, peripheral devices that tend to emit noise such as modems and hard disks, as well as electronic musical instruments and recording equipment. It can also be used for a variety of purposes, such as noise countermeasures for general home appliances.

●Complies with the RoHS directive and reduces environmental impact:
The content of environmentally hazardous substances (lead, mercury, hexavalent chromium, cadmium, etc.) is below the measurement limit, and the RoHS directive is met.

●Excellent noise absorption effect with simple use:
It is very easy to use. By attaching it to the surroundings of areas where noise is likely to occur, such as the power supply parts and input/output terminals of audio equipment, or to cables and plugs, it exhibits a high noise cancellation effect. The S/N ratio is improved and resolution is improved. In addition, the blurring of the outlines of images is reduced and the clarity of colors is increased. In terms of sound quality, it contributes to improved S/N, resolution, and response, and in terms of images, it contributes to improved gradation expression and color development.

● Sheets and tapes, various thicknesses and sizes:
In anticipation of various needs and places of use, we have prepared various sizes and thicknesses, such as 0.3mm sheets (A4, A5, A6 sizes), 0.1mm tapes, and 1.0mm sheets. In the case of sheets, it is effective to simply place them on the AV top board without cutting them, or lay them under the equipment. In the case of tapes, it is convenient to wrap them around cables and plugs.

● Flexible workability, cut with scissors and stick:
It can be easily cut with scissors, etc., has excellent flexibility, and can be stuck on curved surfaces such as cables. It has excellent workability and workability. The polyethylene-based special rubber has sufficient tensile strength, extensibility, and good flexible workability, so it is very easy to stick. In addition, the adhesive surface achieves moderate adhesion and maintains its sticking performance for a long time. In addition, the surface of the sheets and tapes is a chic silver color, so it is not noticeable when used. The trick to a neat finish is to stick them while applying light tension.

●Safe design with UL94V-0 flame retardancy:
UL94V-0 flame retardancy (UL File No. 188467) is achieved, and safety is also taken into consideration.

[Precautions for use]
01. The metal powder surface is coated with an oxide film, so it is insulating, but the cut surface of the sheet/tape is conductive. As a precaution, please avoid applying it directly to conductive parts.
02. After application, the adhesive strength will reach its maximum in about 2 to 3 days at room temperature.
03. Heat resistance is compatible with a wide range of operating temperatures from -20 to 90°C, but please avoid applying it to areas where overheating or cooling is expected beyond this temperature (CPU, GPU, vacuum tubes, etc.).
04. Please avoid using it in a way that will hinder heat dissipation, such as blocking the heat dissipation holes of amplifiers or computers.
05. Please avoid storing it in direct sunlight.
06. Avoid storing or using in high temperature and humidity conditions, as this may cause the adhesive to deteriorate.
07. Avoid storing or using the product under conditions of excessive load for long periods of time (the thickness of the product may change, which may cause the electromagnetic wave absorption characteristics to change).
08. Wipe off any dirt or oil from the substrate (opposite surface) before attaching.
09. If stored at low temperatures, leave at room temperature and humidity for several hours before use. (Products stored at low temperatures may have hardened adhesive and weakened initial adhesion. If left at room temperature and humidity, the adhesive will soften and regain its adhesiveness.)
10. Repeated application and removal will weaken the adhesive strength.
11. The product is designed to not leave adhesive residue, but as a precaution, do not apply to areas where leaving marks would be a problem.
12. After application, it can be removed by hand, but as a precaution, avoid applying to areas where it would be a problem if you cannot remove it.

[Product Specifications]
Size: A5 (0.3mm x 148mm x 210mm)
Electromagnetic wave absorbing material: Sendust alloy-based flat metal powder (Al, Fe, SiO2), oxide coating formed on the metal powder surface.
Base material: Polyethylene-based special rubber
Adhesive surface: One side has an adhesive surface (peel off the release paper before use)
Usage temperature range: -20 to 90°C
Volume resistivity: 5 x 106 Ω cm
Tensile strength: 6.0MPa
Flame retardancy: UL94V-0 (UL File No. 188467)
Tensile strength: 6.0MPa

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