OYAIDE L/i 15 EMX V2 1.8m power cable

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OYAIDE L/i 15 EMX V2 1.8m power cable

Glasses-type power cables are often used in modern audio and visual equipment. Oyaide Electric, which was one of the first to notice this eyeglass-shaped power cable, released the "L/i15 DPC" in 2001 and the successor model "L/i15 EMX" in 2010. Its overwhelming performance and excellent handling have earned it the support of many A&V fans, and it has created a major genre as the pioneer of eyeglass-shaped power cables.

In 2017, the long-awaited latest model "L/i15 EMX V2" will be released. Oyaide Electric's original precision conductor \"102 SSC\" has been newly introduced for the cable conductor, which is the key to sound and image quality, in place of the previous model's PCOCC-A. The L/i15 series' traditional 4-core star quad structure provides excellent noise cancellation. The basic structure, such as silicone compound insulation, Tetoron sleeve, and filament exterior, is inherited from the previous model, and while the mechanical strength, vibration absorption, and ease of handling remain the same, the sound and image quality have been further improved by changing the conductor. Masu. The compact glasses connector is easy to use and can be inserted into inlets in intricate locations, which is difficult to do with other glasses-type power cables. The electrodes of the plug connector are finished with thick silver/rhodium two-layer plating. "L/i15 EMX V2", which thoroughly pursues usability, will set a new standard for eyeglass-type power cables.

Audio grade glasses plug power cable
Easily upgrade the glasses-shaped power cable that is often used in TVs, TV devices (Apple TV, etc.), games (PS4, etc.), Blu-ray devices, mini components, etc. Enjoy better sound.

The L/i series is the first to use Oyaide Electric's proud precision conductor "102 SSC"
・In order to avoid contamination with impurities as much as possible, we only use virgin copper, which does not contain any recycled copper, even among JIS C1011 compliant copper.
- Peeling process removes 100% of impurities attached to the surface.
・In order to smooth the flow of electrical signals on the surface of the conductor, the wire is thinned using a natural diamond die to improve the surface smoothness of the wire.
- Thin wire made with a processing accuracy of plus or minus 1 μm, which far exceeds the standard error tolerance of plus or minus 8 μm.
- Adopts the world's first high-density, different diameter conductor 3E twisting structure in the twisting process (patented) to increase the density and roundness of the strands and stabilize the electrical characteristics.
- Twice annealing process eliminates mechanical stress and distortion of the wire.
- Thorough product management including manufacturing control figures, maintenance, and shipping days. Achieved conductivity of 102.3% IACS, which is the highest in its class.

The Oyaide style is also reflected in the vibration control. The internal insulator is made of a silicone compound that has excellent vibration damping properties and maintains stable hardness.

Adopt stackard
By twisting four wires together, the inductance is low, and since the magnetic fields generated by the cable cancel each other out, noise within the cord is significantly attenuated compared to normal cables. Each of the four internal wires is covered with a reinforced fiber (Tetron) sleeve to suppress resonance between the cables and demonstrate excellent vibration control ability. In addition, the sleeve contains carbon to form a semiconductor layer to prevent static electricity.
In addition, conductors are grouped into 7 units to minimize line distortion.

The cable is soft and easy to handle
The insulation material is made of soft silicone, the sheath is made of soft Tetoron fiber, and the exterior is made of high-performance filament. It maintains flexibility and a low dielectric constant.

Plug part that combines ease of use and high quality
The materials of the electrode part, which can be said to be the key to transmission, are inherited from phosphor bronze (female) and brass (male). The same method of plating is used: 2μ silver plating + 0.3μ rhodium plating.
The insertion pin uses a double feather contact. The electrode part of the mold is sized to be easy to use for compact AV equipment.

"Product Specifications】
Product name: L/i 15 EMX V2
Cable: L/i 15 V2 102 SSC
Cable structure: star quad strand structure
Cable conductor: 102 SSC
Cable conductor cross-sectional area: 0.75Sq (7/21/0.08) x 4
Cable insulation: reinforced silicone rubber
Cable outer sheath: Tetron sleeve (inside) + PET sleeve (outside)
Cable outer diameter: 7.5mm
Power plug/IEC connector
2-layer structure mold: PP resin + Pb free PVC
Specifications: C7 standard (glasses type connector)
Electrode material & plating
Plating: Thick silver (2μ) + rhodium (0.3μ)
Rating: 125V/3A <PS>E certified product
Cable extension: Not possible

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