OYAIDE HSR-AG Shell Lead Wire

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OYAIDE HSR-AG Shell Lead Wire

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Under advanced production control, continuous casting in a high-frequency electric furnace, 19 cold rolling processes, two annealing processes, drawing with a diamond die, skin pass processing, etc. are performed to use high-quality "high-purity silver wire" that is not only highly pure silver but also has no gaps in the crystal grain boundaries. The 0.2mm 5N pure silver single wire manufactured under such advanced production control is twisted into seven strands to ensure sufficient cross-sectional area (0.2sq). Conductor resistance is suppressed to the maximum.

Double insulation is used for the insulator using silk thread. The use of natural materials is intended to ensure clean signal transmission without charging static electricity generated during analog playback.
Resin-based materials (PVC, fluororesin, etc.) are materials that are easily charged with static electricity due to the action of negative charges.
In contrast, silk is a material that is not easily charged with static electricity and has excellent electrical properties.
The glass fiber sleeve used for the exterior is also highly insulating and does not easily become charged with static electricity.

The shell tip attached to the terminal is made of phosphor bronze, which has high spring properties, and increases the adhesion rate with the contact pin. In addition, the surface is rhodium-plated to prevent oxidation.

[Product Specifications]
Product name: HSR-AG
Conductor: 5N pure silver wire (7/0.2)
Insulation: Double silk thread winding + glass sleeve
Shell tip: Rhodium-plated phosphor bronze
Length: 42mm, 4 pieces, tip (red, white, green, blue)

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