OYAIDE HSR-102 Shell Lead Wire

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OYAIDE HSR-102 Shell Lead Wire

Premium headshell lead wire using precision conductor "102 SSC" and "ultra-flexible special resin".

[HSR-102] is the successor model to the conventional model "HSR-CU" that combines proven performance and performance. However, [HSR-102] is not just a successor model. It is a new model with many improvements to the 40mm wire, such as conductor, insulation, flexibility, and static electricity.

The main conductor is equipped with "102 SSC" to achieve flatter and stress-free transmission. The conductor is not the only point of innovation from the conventional model. For the insulation material that affects the sound quality, "ultra-flexible special resin" is used, which allows both flexibility and reduction of static electricity. In addition, the conductor configuration is rope twisted to improve flexibility.
[HSR-102], which combines sound quality and usability, is a shell lead wire that can be widely recommended to those who are just starting to enjoy records and those who have been listening for a long time.

●Precision conductor "102 SSC":
The cable conductor is the most important factor in determining the quality of Oyaide Electric's audio cables. The conductor of [HSR-102] uses Oyaide Electric's original precision conductor "102 SSC", which has been praised by audiophiles around the world. Based on JIS C1011 oxygen-free copper base material, it is made with the world's highest level of technology and quality, including peeling processing that removes 100% of impurities from the copper wire surface, manufacturing management with an accuracy of 1 μm, and a wire drawing process using natural diamond dies to enhance the surface smoothness of the wire. [HSR-102] uses the precision conductor "102 SSC", which eliminates all impurities on the conductor surface and has a conductor surface that is highly accurate and smooth to the utmost, and transmits music as it is without losing audio signals.
The shell lead wire is the first point through which the music passes after being converted from the grooves of the record. The overwhelmingly flat characteristics of "102 SSC" make it ideal as a shell lead wire.

●Super flexible special resin:
The insulation material of [HSR-102] is a new "super flexible special resin" that boasts overwhelming flexibility never seen before. "Super flexible special resin" is characterized by being less prone to static electricity compared to the fluororesin insulation of the conventional model. This suppresses the generation of noise caused by static electricity and achieves a significant improvement in the S/N ratio. The combination with the excellent transmission performance of the precision conductor "102 SSC" greatly contributes to the expression of fine details of music. In addition, the [HSR-102] has sufficient flexibility, so it can be attached more smoothly to a head shell cartridge that is expected to be suddenly bent.

●Shell lead tip:
The material of the shell lead tip of [HSR-102] is phosphor bronze with excellent spring properties. It increases the contact adhesion and minimizes contact loss. In addition, 24K gold plating prevents oxidation over time and ensures stable conductivity while expressing the rich sound image that gold plating provides. An insulating tube is attached to the tip to prevent unnecessary short circuits. The connection to the cable is a solderless crimping method.

[Product Specifications]
Name: HSR-102
Conductor: Precision conductor "102 SSC" (3/20/0.08)
Insulation material: Ultra-flexible special resin
Shell tip: Phosphor bronze (24K gold plating)
Length: 40mm
Wire diameter: 1.4mm
Weight: 0.9g/set
Package quantity: 4 pieces per set (red, white, blue, green)

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