OYAIDE HPSC-63J 2.5m headphone extension cable

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OYAIDE HPSC-63J 2.5m headphone extension cable

HPSC Series is Oyaide Electric's new series of headphone/portable audio cables that uses precision conductors ``102 SSC'' and ``Silk.''

Precision conductor "102 SSC" is an audio cable conductor created by Oyaide Electric and has already received high praise all over the world. The basis of this technology is ``mechanical peeling'' that physically removes 100% of impurities on the surface of the copper wire based on a type of oxygen-free copper, ``natural diamond dies'' that smooth the surface of the copper wire to the utmost, and strict temperature control. Supported by Japan's world-class copper and wire drawing processing technology, including two controlled heat treatments and thorough control of uniform wire diameter with a processing accuracy of ±1μm or less, we have cleared the HPSC Series. This is the source of creating a wide range of sounds.

The thickness of the signal line made of precision conductor "102 SSC" is a generous 0.3 square. From delicate high frequencies to powerful low frequencies, delicate headphone output is faithfully transmitted without stagnation. The shield also uses precision conductor “102 SSC” to create a highly flexible spiral shield.

"100% Pure Silk Filament" takes advantage of its ability to neutralize static electricity, and is used in the inclusion that fills the gap between the signal line and the shield, and in the braided jacket that covers the cable surface. This effectively suppresses the generation of static electricity within the cable. Significantly reduced noise caused by static electricity. The chic white and black mosaic cable color matches any type of headphones.

"HPSC-35J/63J" can be used as a headphone extension, extending the headphone cable according to the usage scene of the headphones, and converting a 3.5 stereo mini to a 6.3 standard plug. Available in two lengths: 1.3m and 2.5m.

【Product Specifications】
Product name: HPSC-63J
Cable: HPSC-22W (102 SSC)
Plug: Original 1/4” TRS phone 3.5mm stereo jack (silver + rhodium plated)
Solder: SS-47
Cable length: 2.5m

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