OYAIDE HPSC-35HD500 1.3m headphone re-cable

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OYAIDE HPSC-35HD500 1.3m headphone re-cable

"HPSC-35HD500" uses a 3.5 stereo mini plug.

"HPSC Series" is Oyaide Electric's headphone/portable audio cable that features precision conductor "102 SSC" and "100% pure silk filament."

The precision conductor "102 SSC" is based on Class 1 oxygen-free copper, and uses "mechanical peeling" to physically remove 100% of impurities on the copper wire surface, "natural diamond die" to make the copper wire surface as smooth as possible, Oyaide Denki was created using Japan's world-class copper and wire drawing processing technology, including heat treatment under strict temperature control and thorough control of uniform wire diameter with a processing accuracy of ±1 μm or less. This is a conductor for audio cables.

The signal line made of precision conductor "102 SSC" has a generous thickness of 0.3 square. From delicate high frequencies to powerful low frequencies, delicate headphone output is faithfully transmitted without stagnation. The "100% pure silk filament" used in the inclusion/exterior jacket effectively suppresses static electricity and vibration, significantly reducing noise. Achieved high resolution and clear sound.

The chic white and black mosaic cable color matches any type of headphones. Now, bayonet lock headphone cables [ HPSC-35HD500 / 63HD500 ] have been added to the "HPSC Series". [HPSC-35HD500 / 63HD500] can be used with Sennheiser's traditional "HD500 series" such as HD598/HD599, and the popular audio-technica "M series" as studio monitors.

[Compatible models]
・SENNHEISER: HD599/HD598/HD579/HD569/HD558/HD518
・Ultrasone: Signature Pro/Signature DJ/Signature Studio/Performance 880/Performance 860/Performance 840, KRK KNS8400/KNS6400

■Bayonet clip made of engineering plastic (PBT).
The bayonet locking mechanism of the HPC-35HD500/HPC-62HD500 has been designed and adjusted with precision down to the micron level, and is molded to provide a smooth and firm grip. The resin used for the mold is engineered plastic (PBT), which has excellent durability and dimensional accuracy, and has optimized hardness so that the locking mechanism on the headphone body will not wear out even when repeatedly attached and detached.

This allows you to hold the headphones securely and prevents wear on the headphones themselves. In addition, the handle is equipped with a chrome-plated cover made from brass with fine knurling. It not only makes it easy to attach and detach the cable, but also brings a beautiful texture to the bayonet clip. In addition, the 2.5φ 3-pole pin of the bayonet clip is plated with 18K gold.

■Precision conductor 102 SSC.
HPSC Series is a new series replacing HPC Series. Its key technologies are "Precision Conductor 102 SSC" and "Silk". The cable conductor uses "Precision Conductor 102 SSC" as a new material to replace PCOCC-A. Oyaide Electric's ``Precision Conductor 102 SSC'' has already been highly acclaimed around the world as a high-end audio cable, but this is the first time it has been used in a headphone cable. The conductor structure is a 7/7/0.089 twisted rope with excellent bending resistance, and its thickness is a comfortable 0.3 square. From delicate high frequencies to powerful low frequencies, delicate headphone output is faithfully transmitted without stagnation. The shield also uses "Precision Conductor 102 SSC" to create a highly flexible spiral shield.

■Pure silk filament.
The interposition uses 100% pure silk filament that has low capacitance and does not charge static electricity. When a signal flows through the cable, a slight vibration is generated, and the electrostatically charged material causes a corona discharge due to the vibration. To solve this problem, mount silk filaments. Furthermore, the exterior of the cable is coated with a 100% pure silk jacket. These synergistic effects significantly reduce noise without sacrificing flexibility. The chic white and black mosaic cable color matches any type of headphones.

【Product Specifications】
Product name: HPSC-35HD500
Cable: HPSC-22W
Conductor/shield: 102SSC
Insulator/sheath: TPE
Interposition / Exterior: 100% pure silk filament
Cable outer diameter: 4.0mm
HPSC-35HD500 3.5 stereo mini plug: P-3.5SR (silver + rhodium plating)
Headphone side terminal: 2.5mm 3-pole (gold plated), bayonet lock type (PBT mold)
Solder: Original lead-free silver solder SS-47
Length: 1.3m

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