OYAIDE C-246 IEC Connector

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OYAIDE C-246 IEC Connector

C-246 thick wall 24k gold + palladium plated IEC connector.
20A version of the core model of Oyaide's high-grade IEC connector "PC series".
20A specification of Oyaide Electric's IEC connector with high resolution, high response, and wide range.

Oyaide Electric has always stayed true to its instincts and continued to evolve. Our goal is to create products that are true to the instincts that drive everyone, and to provide a sound full of originality that responds to the user's every taste. In order to expand the sound options of plugs/connectors and develop unprecedented innovative products, it is necessary to accumulate evolution over many years. The emotional and exciting sound of the ``P/C Series,'' the result of these efforts, will captivate audiophiles. In addition, Oyaide Electric's power plugs are full of tradition and uniqueness that has been cultivated over five years.

The fact that the "C-237/246/279" inherits the sound of the previously established "P/C series" can be easily seen from the coloring of the outer cover. Like other models in the P/C series, the core of the C-237/246/279 lies in the selection of underlying materials, plating techniques, and usability. The electrode part of "C-237/246/279" uses phosphor bronze, whose performance has already been proven by the "P/C series". It exhibits characteristics of high conductivity and sufficient mechanical properties, reducing vibration at the joint and achieving loss-free transmission. Regarding plating, we have selected three types of combination plating, following the "P/C series". In addition, the outer cover is made of polycarbonate, which boasts outstanding mechanical strength among resins.

●Blade receiving part
In order to finish "C-237/246/279" into the ultimate product, we begin with the plating surface treatment. The punched parts are barrel-polished mechanically, and then buffed one by one by hand. There is no other example of this two-step polishing process being applied to audio equipment. Mirror finish and direct plating. It has to be made because it is simple. Here too, Oyaide Denki's philosophy and craftsmanship are condensed.  

This is Oyaide's unique combination plating, which has been established as a unique individuality through repeated listening tests. Furthermore, the buffing and polishing process. They convey emotions that you have never experienced before.

・Large contact area (IEC):
The blade receiving part that contacts the inlet uses 1.4mm thick phosphor bronze. This provides a strong sense of hold. The load weight is usually 3 to 5 kg, but the plug will be held with a force of over 7 kg. It is a plug that does not easily come off and does not budge even with the slightest vibration, so you can use it with confidence.

・Contacts that can withstand a tensile load of 30 kg:
The tensile strength of the blade holder and cable is over 30kg, so it will not come loose even with a slight tug. This is also the result of careful consideration of safety.

・GF+PBT body:
The body of "C-237/246/279" uses high-density engineering plastic material PBT + GF30%, which has both excellent mechanical properties and electrical insulation properties. The highly rigid body achieves high-speed vibration damping. Furthermore, all screws are made of stainless steel and are completely original screws made exclusively for P/C. Highly rigid stainless steel screws do not cause problems such as the screw threads collapsing or the heads coming off due to excessive torque. In addition, the maximum cable installation size is 10sq (5.5sq x 2 cables), boasting outstanding workability. The tensile strength of the blade holder and cable is over 30kg, so it will not come loose even with a slight tug. This is also the result of careful consideration of safety.

・High rigidity polycarbonate:
The body cover is made of thick polycarbonate. This material was selected for its strength and hardness. It dampens minute vibrations quickly and has increased rigidity, so there is no sense of distortion.

【Product Specifications】
Product name: C-246
Body: PBT + GF30%
Cover: polycarbonate
Blade: Phosphor bronze
Plating: Thick 24K gold plating (1.5μ) + palladium plating (0.3μ)
Installation method: screw type
Cable applicable outer diameter: minimum 6.5mm maximum 17.0mm
Maximum cable applicable gauge: AWG10 (5.5sq)
Rating: 125V/20A specification <PS>E certified product

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