OYAIDE AZ-910 1.3m (Pair) RCA Cable

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The 5 N pure silver conductor XLR cable "AR -910," released in 2008, received enthusiastic support from high-end audio files in Japan and overseas, and many people eagerly awaited the RCA version.
In response to this request, the AZ-910 high-end RCA cable, based on the concept of Pure Silver Pure Signal, is a gem of an RCA cable created to reflect customer needs.

・The cable section uses a 5 N pure silver conductor twin-knack cable "FTVS -910." The 5N pure silver conductor has a skin pass processing to mirror the surface of the conductor and an annealing treatment to reduce stress strain, bringing out the silver's excellent transmission ability to the extreme, and demonstrating its performance in digital signals as well as analog transmission!
・The 3-layer hybrid shielding protects the wide-band noise and provides high shielding against even weak spark noise!
・The polyurethane used for the cable exterior has excellent shock absorption and high elastic modulus, which greatly contributes to isolation from external vibration!

The original collet chuck type RCA plug "GENESIS sterling silver contact version" with a pipe shaped 5N sterling silver center pin is adopted for the RCA plug.
High-speed, wide-range and pure conductivity is realized by using pipe-like pure silver contacts that have been finely shaved by CNC machining and carefully polished!

The solder uses the SS-47 acoustic solder, which has a pure silver content of 4.7%, to assemble cables and RCA plugs with high precision.

For those who want a wide range of sound fields with a high S/N ratio, an agile sense of power and a high response sense of speed!
For those who want a wide sound stage with a wide range and depth!
For those who want high resolution and delicate sound!
Upgrade your digital connection environment and analog line cables!

OYAIDE AZ-910 1.3 m (Pair)
Cable FTVS-910
Conductor 1.0 mm 5 N (99.9995%) Pure Silver
Insulator/Filled Bed Fluororesin (PFA)/Foam Polyethylene (FPE)
Shielded Conductive PE/Copper Foil + Silver Plated Copper (Braid Ratio 90% or More)
Outer UV cut Polyurethane
Impedance 110 ohms
Capacitance 72.1 nF/Km
Attenuation 74.5 dB/Km
Conductor Resistance 25 Ohms/Km
Outer Diameter 8.5 mm
Connector Pure Silver Contact Ver.GENESIS

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