OYAIDE AR-910 1.3m Pair Balance Cable

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Oyeide sterling silver premium XLR cable (2 male-female male-female cables).

Conductors are the most important element in transmitting signals. However, insulation is also an important factor to enhance the transmission characteristics as a cable. \”FTVS-910\” uses PFA with the best insulation properties to reduce signal loss due to insulation. PFA has the lowest dielectric constant among existing resin insulators. In addition, the packed bed shows Oyade's knowledge of cables. Foam PE (polyethylene) containing air by foaming is mounted on the packed bed. Prevents the increase in dielectric constant due to the packed layer and enhances the flexibility of the cable. Furthermore, this layout with different materials not only improves electrical properties, but also quickly attenuates internal vibrations by changing resonance points.

Uses terminal XLR connector (FOCUS1).
originality. Innovative. and skilled craftsmanship. Always strive for innovation without thinking outside the box. This is another Philosophy of Oyade. The Extreme XLR connector "FOCUS1" is no exception. One of the most innovative and novel technologies of FOCUS1 is the one-touch putschpur function (utility model). This function locks only by inserting it into the inlet on the output side, and when removing it, only pull the ring on the tip to release the lock. The lock features a ball bearing type lock with the finest precision machining.

[Product Specifications]
AR-910 1.3 m Pair

Cable: FTVS-910
Conductors: 1.0 mm 5 N (99.9995%) Pure Silver
Insulator/Filling Layer: Fluororesin (PFA)/Foam Polyethylene (FPE)
Shield: Conductive PE/Copper Foil + Silver Plated Copper (Braid Ratio: 90% or More)
Exterior: UV-cut Polyurethane
Impedance: 110 Ω
Capacitance: 72.1 nF/Km
Attenuation: 74.5 dB/Km
Conductor resistance: 25 Ω/Km
Outer Diameter: 8.5 mm
Connector: FOCUS1

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