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OYAIDE AP-037 Power plug

14 years have passed since the P/C series. ARMORED series, a product with further upgrades
AP-037 is made of dephosphorized bronze with thick silver + rhodium plating.

Phosphor bronze is used as the electrode material, and after barrel polishing, each piece is carefully buffed by craftsmen to a mirror finish, and then silver + rhodium plating is applied.

In 2003, Oyaide Electric released the P/C series as the first domestically produced audio power plug and IEC connector. Since then, its high usability, design, specifications, safety, and sound quality have been praised all over the world, and it continues to lead the power plug/IEC connector scene to this day. P/C has won numerous awards not only in Japan but also overseas, and has supported the demand for high-end audio cables by providing OEM supplies to many power cable manufacturers both domestically and internationally, and has established a solid presence. series. A product that has been further upgraded with an unshakable reputation and track record around the world. That is the "ARMORED series".

・Plugs and connectors covered in armor - "IP shield" with ion plating processing to shut out external noise.
・A design that breathes finely honed technology - ARMORED cover with a form reminiscent of the piston of an F1 machine.
・Excellent assemblability that allows you to smoothly insert thick conductors equivalent to 5.5sq, and a large cable outlet that can accommodate up to extra-thick cables of 16.5mm.

●A design that breathes finely honed technology - A form reminiscent of the pistons of an F1 machine.
F1 is a motor sport that brings together the best human technology and competes to be the fastest in the world. The design concept of the ARMORED series is the piston of the F1 machine, which is a symbol of world-leading technology. Oyaide Electric has added novelty, originality, and functionality to this design concept. The housing, which fits comfortably in your hand, is easy to insert and remove, and is full of functional beauty, promises the joy of creating and using it. Like the piston of the \“F1\” machine, the true essence of technology packed into a limited size embodies Oyaide Electric's concept of “from materials to technology”, including the \“102 SSC\”. As a design, it is still alive in the ARMORED series.

●A combination of sophisticated engineering and unique design.
・"Dual housing structure"
The housing that protects and secures the main body has a "dual housing structure" consisting of <Housing A (body) and Housing B (head)>. Housing A (body) has a built-in cable clamp, and housing B (head) covers the cable clamp to maintain the beautiful design of the ARMOREDE series while also firmly fixing the cable inside the housing. .
・"Flex cable clamp method"
The cable clamp is movable and uses a ``flex cable clamp method'' that pinches the cable. The fixed cable is always located on the central axis of the plug, so the cable will not be biased to one side of the outlet, and the cable of any thickness will be fixed in the center, allowing the cable to be pulled out in a balanced manner, and the cable It also eases the burden on

●Strong body and housing - "ARMORED mechanical ground system".
The housing of "ARMORED Series" consists of two parts. The housing material is polycarbonate, an engineering plastic with excellent impact resistance and high mechanical strength. Highly rigid stainless steel "screw a" inserted from the main body side and "screw b" inserted from the housing B side are both fastened to the high rigidity stainless steel long nut built into housing A. With this mechanism, the ARMORED Mechanical Earth System is realized by tightening a high-rigidity stainless steel screw that passes through the main body and housings A/B from two directions: the main body side and the housing B side. The main body and housing are strongly integrated, completely eliminating rattling between the parts.

●"IP shield" by ion plating process.
The biggest feature of the ``ARMOREDE series'' is that the housing (except for 029) uses ion plating (IP) processing, which deposits a metal film of titanium/chromium carbonitride in a vacuum. IP processing, which was thought to be impossible for polycarbonate, has been realized using the latest processing technology, and the "IP shield" applied to the housing by IP processing blocks the intrusion of external noise. In addition, the ``IP Shield'' gives off an elegant metal texture and highlights the beautiful form of the ``ARMORED Series,'' which can be described as a new functional beauty for power plugs/connectors.

●Parts that are \“Made in Japan\” down to the last detail - Specially designed, rigid, magnetic stainless steel screws/nuts.
All screws/nuts are made of highly rigid non-magnetic stainless steel specially designed for the ARMORED series. The nuts built into the cover are made of non-magnetic and highly durable SUS 303, and are individually machined with high precision for the ARMORED series. In addition, the thread length is now over 10mm, and the large tightening torque makes the ARMORED Mechanical Earth System even stronger.

The material of the screws used in the "ARMORED series" is non-magnetic SUS XM7, which has the same corrosion resistance and strength as the most typical stainless steel SUS 304, also known as 18-8 stainless steel, and is about 2 times stronger than machined material. Uses rolled screws made using a manufacturing method called rolling, which is said to be relatively strong. In addition, the head shape of the screw is a plus-minus bind child screw, and the outer circumference of the head of the bind child screw is machined to ensure an excellent design and the strength of the screw head. In this way, the uncompromising design of even the smallest parts and the highly accurate technology of \"Made in Japan\" make the ``ARMORED series'' a highly unique product.

●Glass-filled PBT resin body with excellent mechanical strength and vibration damping.
Like the P/C series, the main body material is polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) + GF30% (glass filler), a high-density engineering plastic that has both excellent mechanical properties and electrical insulation properties, which reduces unnecessary vibration. minimize. The PC clear cover that fixes the main electrode is firmly attached using a special high-rigidity stainless steel screw.

●Excellent assembly, allowing smooth insertion of conductors as thick as 5.5sq.
The conductor insertion opening on the main body has been widened to allow smooth insertion of thick conductors equivalent to 5.5sq. It is now easier to work with thick power cables, which was difficult in the past, and it has excellent assembly performance that can be used by a wide range of users, from beginners to heavy users. Furthermore, the conductor insertion opening of the PC clear cover has a taper, making it easier to insert the conductor.

●Open cable drawer that can accommodate up to 16.5mm thick cables.
The cable outlet of housing B (head) is designed to be as large as possible. Ensures a cable compatible diameter of φ8mm to 16.5mm. Compatible with a wide range of cables, from thin cables to extra-thick cables. The hole diameter of the rubber gasket at the cable outlet has been expanded from 6mm of the conventional product to 9mm. It also makes it easier to pass thick cables through.

The screw insertion hole near the cable outlet is recessed to prevent the screw head from protruding, maintaining an elegant design and preventing problems such as screw heads getting caught. A thorough commitment to industrial design is poured into each and every part that makes up plugs and IEC connectors without compromise.

【Product Specifications】
Product name: AP-037
Cover: Polycarbonate + IP treatment
Blade: Deoxidized phosphor bronze
Plating: thick silver + rhodium
Installation method: screw type
Cable applicable outer diameter: 8mm to 16.5mm
Maximum cable applicable gauge: AWG10 (5.5sq)
Rating: 125V/15A <PS>E certified product

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