OYAIDE ACROSS900 V2 Cut to length (1M unit) Interconnect cable

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OYAIDE ACROSS900 V2 Cut to length (1M unit) Interconnect cable

*Products are sold in 1M units. Please replace the desired length with the quantity when ordering.

If you order 1 unit...you will receive one 1M cable.
If you order 3 units...you will receive one 3M cable.

The "ACROSS series" features the revolutionary cross insulation structure "C.I.S structure" that uses an air layer as a damper, and due to its excellent performance and good cost performance, the series has shipped over 100,000 meters in total, and its overwhelming popularity has not waned. The "ACROSS series" began with the "ACROSS750/2000" in 2007, and expanded its lineup to the "ACROSS900" in 2008, receiving support from a wide range of people from beginners to high-end users. However, with the end of the supply of PCOCC-A conductors in 2013, production was sadly discontinued.

In 2015, the "ACROSS900 V2" was released, which introduced the precision conductor "102SSC" and the patented technology "3E twist". While inheriting the basic structure of the first model, such as the C.I.S. structure and coaxial twin conductor, the cross-sectional area was upsized (0.94Sq ⇒ 1.0Sq) while keeping the outer diameter of the twisted wire the same, by making the central conductor denser. This reduced the conductor resistance (19.5Ω/km ⇒ 18.2Ω/km). This achieved further improvement in transmission capacity. Please enjoy Oyaide's confident work, which has been further refined with the latest technology.

- The new interconnect cable "ACROSS900 V2" uses the precision conductor "102SSC".
・The world's first patented "3E twist" technology for twisting the central conductor (Sanshu Electric Wire Patent Publication 2009-266670).
・Three different diameter wires are twisted together geometrically to make the conductor denser, eliminating the deterioration of sound quality caused by inter-wire distortion.
・By making the conductor denser, the cross-sectional area is upsized (0.94Sq ⇒ 1.0Sq) while keeping the outer diameter of the twisted wire the same. This reduces the conductor resistance (19.5Ω/km ⇒ 18.2Ω/km). This achieves further improvement in transmission capacity.
・Uses a cross insulation structure (C.I.S. structure) that uses an air layer as a damper, lowers capacitance to improve high-frequency characteristics, and attenuates vibrations with its excellent stabilizer effect.
・The insulation material is a high molecular weight polyolefin that has an extremely low dielectric constant of 1/4 that of PVC.
・The precision conductor 102SSC is also used for the horizontally wound shield, with 0.18mm wires arranged without gaps.

・The exterior is a chic beluga color (caviar black), and the halogen-free sheath is exclusive to audio, with excellent vibration damping.

●What is the 3E conductor structure?
The 3E twisted structure is a collective stranded wire conductor with a concentric twist arrangement, and the twisted wire arrangement is made more precise by arranging three different wire diameters. This makes it possible to reduce the diameter of the conductor configuration, improving the conductor characteristic values.
These three different conductor diameter wires are arranged geometrically, minimizing the gaps between the wires and improving the wire density. In addition to downsizing the outer diameter of the twisted wire, it maintains a stable and highly accurate outer diameter, and the cross section after twisting is a perfect circle, making it a conductor structure that is unparalleled in the world.

●What is the precision conductor "102 SSC"?
・As a result of advanced manufacturing management, the conductivity is 102.3% IACS (at the end of copper drawing).
・In order to minimize the inclusion of impurities, we use only virgin copper that does not contain any recycled copper, even among copper that complies with JIS C1011.

・We use natural diamond dies to improve the surface smoothness of the wire.

・We remove 100% of impurities attached to the drawn copper by applying peeling processing.

・We adopt the world's first high-density unequal diameter conductor 3E twisted structure (patented).

・We eliminate mechanical stress distortion of the wire by annealing processing twice.

・A wire created with a processing accuracy of ±1μm, far exceeding the standard error tolerance of ±8μm.

・We perform thorough product management, including manufacturing management values, maintenance, and shipping dates.

●What is the peeling process of the precision conductor "102 SSC"?

Usually, impurities that float to the surface are removed by washing, but "102 SSC" removes 100% of impurities that float to the surface by mechanical peeling, which scrapes the surface in μ units. The use of this peeling process on electrical copper wire is unique in the world, and Japan's proud processing technology shines here as well.

[Product Specifications]
Product name: ACROSS900 V2
Cable structure: C.I.S. (Cross insulated stabilizer) structure + coaxial twin conductor (double coaxial)
Cable conductor: 102 SSC
Cable conductor area: 1.0Sq (37/-3E twist)
Cable insulation: High molecular weight polyolefin (C.I.S. structure)
Interposition: Polyethylene
Cable shield: 102SSC inner shield (100/0.18) / outer shield (130/0.18)
Cable exterior sheath: Audio-only halogen-free sheath
Cable outer diameter: 9.7mm

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