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OYAIDE ACROSS 3000 Cut to length (1M unit) Speaker cable

*Products are sold in 1M units. Please replace the desired length with the quantity when ordering.

If you order 1 unit... 1M cable will be delivered in one piece
If you order 3 units... 3M cable will be delivered in one piece

Speaker cable that represents the pinnacle of innovative technology.

The first ACROSS series was released in 2006 with the revolutionary cross insulation structure "C.I.S" structure that uses an air layer as a damper. The excellent performance is recognized by everyone, and the series boasts a total of over 100,000 meters of shipments as the core cable of Oyaide Electric. However, the first ACROSS series was discontinued in 2013 due to the end of the PCOCC-A conductor. After many difficulties, we created the "Precision Conductor 102SSC" to replace PCOCC-A, and commercialized the new ACROSS series using this conductor. Now, the only remaining speaker cable in the ACROSS series, the ACROSS 2000, has been upgraded to the ACROSS 3000 with the precision conductor 102SSC.

The ACROSS 300 uses the precision conductor 102SSC and Sanshu Densen's patented 3E twisting technology. While inheriting the basic structure of the first generation, such as the C.I.S structure and coaxial twin conductor, the conductor cross-sectional area has been upsized by 1.5 times compared to the ACROSS 2000 (2.0sq⇒30.sq). This has significantly reduced the conductor resistance (0.84Ω⇒0.63Ω/100m). This has further improved the transmission capacity. Please enjoy Oyaide's confident work, which has been further refined with the latest technology.

Product Specifications
Product Name: ACROSS 3000
Cable Structure: C.I.S. (Cross insulated stabilizer) Structure
Cable Conductor: 102 SSC
Wire Configuration: 3.0Sq (37/-3E twist)
Cable Insulation Cross Section: High Molecular Weight Polyolefin
Cable Insulation Outer Section: Polyethylene
Cable Exterior: Audio-specific Halogen-free Sheath
Cable Outer Diameter: 9.2 x 18.5mm
Conductor Resistance: 0.63Ω/100m (at 20℃)
Capacitance: 34pF/m (1kHz)

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