NEO by OYAIDE Elec SP-3398 SPSP 1.5m Speaker Cable

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NEO by OYAIDE Elec SP-3398 SPSP 1.5m Speaker Cable

Plug: SPSP (Speakon-Speakon)
Length: 1.5m

The second stage of the "3398" series following the DC-3398 LL.
A speaker cable for stack amplifiers with four twisted 3398-16 cables.

■Thoroughly brush up the sound outlet.
With the release of the DC power cable "DC-3398 LL", the number "3398" quickly became widely known.
OYAIDE "3398", which uses precision conductor "102 SSC" and complies with American UL standard AWMstyle 3398 with voltage resistance of 300V and heat resistance of 150℃, is a wire material that can fully bring out the quality and potential of musical instruments. Proven by DC-3398 LL.
This is not the only place where the characteristics of "3398" are utilized. It is the last exit path through which the instrument's sound is played, the speaker cable.

■A wire configuration that takes full advantage of the characteristics of the precision conductor "102 SSC."
The characteristics of the precision conductor "102 SSC" are the fresh base material and the overwhelmingly beautiful strands created by mechanical peeling, which shaves the surface down to the μ level, and has a great influence on the skin effect. The wire composition of the AWG16 size used in SP-3398 is 52/0.18. By using 52 0.18mm wires, we ensure not only a cross-sectional area but also a sufficient surface area. Since the resistance value of speaker cables has a large impact on sound quality, smoothing the conductor has a very advantageous effect on the skin resistance of speaker cables, contributing to improvements in sound resolution, speed, dynamic range, etc.

■Star quad structure cable made exclusively for the SP-3398 series.
Speaker cables that handle signals amplified by amplifiers pass extremely large amounts of power, ranging from several 10W to 100W, but the SP-3398 series has a star quad structure with four twisted AWG16 wires, which allows for low power per core. Secure a generous 2.5sq in cross-sectional area. It can also be used with confidence in large-capacity vacuum tube amplifiers.
The star quad structure used in this SP-3398 achieves low inductance by twisting four 3398-16 cables together. Because the magnetic fields generated by the cables themselves cancel each other out, noise is significantly attenuated within the cord compared to regular cables. This good transmission efficiency, which does not emit unnecessary magnetic lines of force, reduces transmission delays and deviations, contributing to improvements in phase and sound output speed.
At the same time, the four-twist structure not only ensures a sufficient cross-sectional area, but also provides flexible handling that is resistant to curls. In addition, having two wires each for + and - wires has the great advantage of halving the risk of wire breakage.

[SP-3398 product specifications]
Conductor: “102 SSC” AWG16x2 (2.5sq)
Insulator: XLPE
Standard/Rating: UL standard AWM Style 3398, VW-1 / 150℃ 300V (peak voltage 600V)

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