NEO by OYAIDE Elec SLR-240 pair solderless RCA plug

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NEO by OYAIDE Elec SLR-240 pair solderless RCA plug

This is an RCA plug for the NEO solderless series.

[Product Contents]

- SLR-240 x 2 (1 red and 1 white)

Unlike many screw-fastened solderless RCA plugs, the "Dual Crawled Locking System" has two internal claws that tighten the cover to conduct the shield, and the mortar-shaped internal structure simultaneously holds down the cable itself, firmly integrating the plug and cable.

This also makes the contact between the conductor at the tip of the cable and the connector pin of the plug stronger.

This structure has the same fit and durability as a normal soldered plug, and in some cases, it can be said to be even stronger.

As proof of this, a durability test (180-degree bend test) with the cable connected boasted more than 18,000 continuous bends, and the internal conductivity of the plug after bending and cutting did not short out or even break.
This result also proves how durable the NEO SOLDERLESS SERIES plugs are.

[SLR-240 (RCA plug) specifications]

Body: Brass diamond cut with nickel plating finish

Cover: Brass cut with matte chrome plating finish

Applicable inner diameter: 4mm

Plug locking mechanism: Dual clawed lock system

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