NEO by OYAIDE Elec SLP-240S Solderless Plug S-type Plug

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NEO by OYAIDE Elec SLP-240S Solderless Plug S-Type Plug

NEO's original solderless plug SLP-240S is a unique solderless plug that combines high performance, high strength and durability thanks to NEO's unique locking mechanism "Dual clawed lock system".

The assembly is very simple.
Pass the cover through the cable, insert the cable into the main body, and connect the center conductor to the center pin terminal.
Then tighten the cover and finish by fixing it with two wrenches.
That's all there is to it.

How can it be used for a long time without causing poor conductivity or short circuits, even though it is so simple? The reason is the plug locking mechanism "Dual clawed lock system", which is currently under patent application. The shield is conductive when two claws bite into the outer sheath of the cable, and the threads engraved on the inner diameter of the flange hold the cable firmly.
Unlike existing solderless plugs that are secured with a single screw, the conductive and fastening parts apply force from all directions, joining together inside the plug to firmly secure the cable. This protects your precious pedal board system from various elements that can lead to trouble, such as plugging and unplugging when rearranging the system, vibrations while moving, and intense footwork on a hot stage, allowing you to continue using it without wasting time on unnecessary trouble or repairs.

Each part is carefully cut out from a single brass bar by diamond cutting, and functions perfectly.

Body: Brass diamond cut, nickel plated finish

Cover: Brass matte chrome plated finish

Plug type: S-type plug (straight)

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