NEO by OYAIDE Elec QAC-222 RCA PAIR 3.0m line cable RCA cable

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NEO by OYAIDE Elec QAC-222 RCA PAIR 3.0m line cable RCA cable

The highest class 1st class OFC "C1011", which is completely domestically produced, is tuned for music production.

What cables are necessary for modern music production? Advances in technology have improved the sound quality of songs. This means that sounds that were previously invisible are now in focus, and more severe reproducibility is required.
In order to meet this demand at a high level, the NEO/QAC-222 series uses the first class OFC conductor "C1011", which is completely produced in Japan.
In addition, we have developed the "HC-OFC", which has been optimized for instruments and microphones, and has undergone further matching, and has a hardened conductor tuned. It achieves the accuracy that cannot be obtained with general audio OFC cables and the wide range that professionals demand, and provides highly workable sound that maintains its presence in any frequency band.

Focusing on "HC-OFC", the cable design follows QAC-202. PE (polyethylene) with low dielectricity is used for the insulator that covers the conductor, and by suppressing cable capacitance, signal transmission loss is reduced, resulting in good high-frequency characteristics. It can be obtained. LDPE (low-density polyethylene) is used for the internal sheath that covers the insulator. By setting the internal sheath to a different hardness than the insulator, vibrations transmitted to the cable are effectively suppressed, achieving a sharper localization feeling.

While retaining the philosophy of the "QAC-202", the "QAC-222 series" expands the possibilities of musical expression.

Conductor: HC-OFC 0.4sq
Insulator: PE (polyethylene)
Shield: Braid rate 90%
Exterior sheath: Pb-free PVC
Inner sheath: LDPE (low density polyethylene)
Solder used: OYAIDE SS-47
RCA plug: NEO original gold-plated plug
Plug type: RCA-RCA
Length: 3.0m

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