NEO by OYAIDE Elec PA-02 TRS V2 3.0m line cable

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NEO by OYAIDE Elec PA-02 TRS V2 3.0m line cable

The PA-02 V2 series uses precision conductor "102SSC", but the basic design follows the conventional PA-02. The structure of the cable is a traditional 2-core shielded structure, and the world's first introduction of the patented technology "3E twist" for twisting the conductors. "3E twisting" is a patented technology that geometrically twists three types of wires with different diameters to create a denser conductor, eliminating deterioration in sound quality due to distortion between the wires. Foamed PP (polypropylene), which has a low dielectric constant, is used for the insulator, reducing transmission loss through low capacitance.

Recording involves collecting and recording sound, mixing and editing the recorded material, and the final process is mastering.
The excellent reproduction ability of the PA-02 V2 series is useful in all kinds of situations.

PA-02 V2 is equipped with precision conductor "102SSC" as the core conductor. "102SSC" is not a conductor based on materials.
The precision conductor "102SSC" uses only virgin copper, which does not contain recycled copper, among domestically refined copper base materials based on JIS C1011. Emphasizing that "electrical signals flow through the surface layer of the conductor," we use mechanical peeling to remove 100% of impurities from the surface layer of the copper wire. After that, the conductor surface is made extremely smooth (Special Surface Copper) by drawing with a natural diamond die. During this process, the conductor is annealed twice to completely eliminate stress and distortion within the conductor, achieving excellent conductivity (102.3% IACS). In addition, in order to maintain high-precision wire drawing processing accuracy of within ±1 μm, which far exceeds the standard error tolerance of ±8 μm for each wire, production line maintenance is performed 10 to 20 times more frequently than usual. It is being carried out in The conductors that have gone through many processes in this way go through thorough manufacturing control, including minimizing the shipping and manufacturing start time to maintain freshness, and are then created into precision conductors, ``102SSC.''

The PA-02 V2 series, which is equipped with "102SSC", a "precision conductor" created with unprecedented precision and technology, is not only used as a standard microphone cable, but also for monitor sections and I/O areas with a large amount of information. We offer a lineup that covers all types of balanced and unbalanced connections, including single instruments.

・Conductor: 102SSC 0.75sq (19 pieces/3E twist)
・Insulator: Foamed polypropylene (red/white)
・Shield: 102SSC braid (24 pairs/8 pieces/0.12mm)
・Inner sheath: LDPE (low density polyethylene)
・Exterior: Halogen-free sheath for audio only
・Solder: OYAIDE SS-47
・Impedance: 120Ω
・Plug: P-285T
・Plug type: TRS PHONE-TRS PHONE (stereophone-stereophone)
・Length: 3.0m

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