NEO by OYAIDE Elec d+ USB class B 1.0m USB cable

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NEO by OYAIDE Elec Oyaide Electric's USB cable d+ USB class B 1.0m.

The d+USB series is a USB cable aimed at PCDJs and sound creation using USB interfaces, which are currently seeing a significant increase in market share. It provides the best environment for DJs and artists with various ingenuity. In addition, since it is designed specifically for sound, it provides optimal results for listening environments such as PC Audio using USB-DAC. Data transfer of sound and video is complicated because it depends not only on hardware such as computers and interfaces, but also on OS and applications. Real-time data transmission is influenced by many factors, including electromagnetic waves and noise, impedance adjustment, and attenuation of electrical signals, and is also influenced by cables. It is widely known that the sound of an audio interface changes greatly depending on the audio clock, but the audio clock also depends on the stability of the power supply, so USB cables are very important when driven by bus power. Based on the basic concepts of data transfer, we have also applied and practiced approaches in analog environments such as noise countermeasures and excellent electrical characteristics. Considering the important combinations in cable design, we select the optimal cable structure, conductor type, conductor diameter, insulator, shield, sheath, and plug contact. This realizes high-speed transfer with reduced data errors and stable power supply, resulting in high-quality sound. Product design is also an important factor in motivating artists. The smart industrial design of the d+ series provides a stylish presence to wiring that was only cluttered in appearance. The d+USB series, which has already been incorporated into the sets of famous artists, is a must-have item for DJ play and sound production using USB devices.

●In order to transmit serial bus transfers at a faster speed, the class B conductor uses "silver-coated OFC high-purity oxygen-free copper" coated with silver, which has a pure resistance approximately 5% lower than copper.

●This enables high-speed and reliable transmission of data, and thanks to the stable power supply, the sound contours and dynamics are not lost. The conductor diameter of the class B is set to AWG25/AWG2. This reduces loss due to powerful sound and transmission distance.

●The flat design of the cable avoids transmission loss, impedance changes, and capacitance changes caused by distortion inside the cable when the cable is bent.

●The impedance adjustment, which is important for digital transmission, is performed with strict pitch adjustment, so accurate data transfer and excellent stability are achieved. The combination of TPE sheath, double shielding (braided 90% tin-plated copper wire and aluminum Mylar tape), and twisted pair structure protects the signal from external noise, digital noise, electromagnetic waves, etc.

●The USB contact part is bronze alloy plated. Class B plating is gold plating. Each increases durability and stability and maintains excellent transmission performance for a long time.

●The stable power supply reduces errors in the drive and transmission of the interface body for SCRATCH LIVE and TRAKTOR. It also ensures stable operation in other bus-powered audio interfaces.

●This is a USB 2.0 (HI-SPEED mode) certified cable that supports high-speed communication at a transmission speed of 480 Mbps.

<d+ USB class B>
Cable: USB2.0 (HI-SPEED)
Structure: Inverted concentric twisted flat cable
Conductor: Silver-coated high-purity oxygen-free copper (0.18mm x 7, 0.18mm x 19)
Sheath: PVC
Insulator: Polyolefin
Connector type: USB Type A-USB Type B
Terminal: 24K gold-plated bronze alloy
Housing: PBT + Glass Fiber
Outer cover: PVC
Maximum transfer speed: 480Mbps
Length: 1.0m

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