Insulators OYAIDE INS-US Stainless Steel Spike Speaker Insulators (Set of 4)

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OYAIDE INS-US Stainless Steel Spike Insulator (Set of 4)
*This product comes in a set of 4 spikes. If you are using it for a pair of stereo speakers, please purchase two sets.

[Overwhelming performance, small, high-rigidity stainless steel spikes]
The advantage of installing audio equipment with spikes is that the transmission of vibrations can be efficiently suppressed at the point contact between the equipment and the floor, improving the sound response, S/N ratio, and resolution.

INS-US is made of high-rigidity stainless steel and is NC-cut with high precision. It has high dimensional accuracy and high strength that can withstand a single point load. This is the definitive small spike that is unmatched by others.

■High-rigidity material SUS303 stainless steel, ideal for spikes, is cut with high precision by computer control
SUS303 used in "INS-US" shows superior properties compared to other metals and has a particularly high hardness, making it the ideal high-rigidity material for spikes that require high strength to withstand a single point load.
Computer-controlled high-precision cutting of stainless steel provides the high dimensional accuracy required for spikes.

In addition, by applying a minute R processing (R0.5) to the spike tip, crushing of the spike tip is eliminated.

This allows for perfect point contact with the spike receiver without rattling or deformation.

■Barrel polished finish that is resistant to corrosion such as rust and has a semi-glossy shine

The SUS303 stainless steel used in "INS-US" forms a strong passive film (a film made of Cr and O) on the surface, making it resistant to corrosion such as rust and maintaining its beauty for a long time.

The surface has a chic semi-glossy barrel polished finish. It blends in seamlessly with your system.

■Combined with INS-SP to achieve the best-matched point contact

"INS-US" is designed with a common design concept and size so that it can be used in pairs with "INS-SP" to achieve maximum effect.

Using them in pairs provides ideal point contact insulation.

■Further sound quality tuning is possible when combined with INS-BS
"INS-US" is a 20mm diameter spike that can be fitted into the multi-base insulator "INS-BS", and when combined with "INS-BS", further sound quality tuning can be performed. You can enjoy various settings.

Product specifications INS-US
Material: Stainless steel (SUS303)
Dimensions: φ20mm, H 9.9mm, (spike convex height 3.9mm + cylindrical part height 6.0mm), spike angle 105 degrees
Weight: 15.8g/piece
Load capacity: 200kg per piece
Number of packages: 4 pieces per set

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