Holbein Artist Colored Pencils Pastel Tone 50 Color Set Paper Box OP936

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These are oil-based colored pencils that are soft and molded using fine-grained pigments.

It is indispensable for artists as it allows you to layer 3 to 4 colors by taking advantage of the soft core.

The core has a thick diameter of 3.8mm, so you can fill in a large area at once.

Because high quality pigments are used, these colored pencils have good color development and are less prone to browning or discoloration due to light.

Product size: 450 x 203 x 18mm
Product weight: 650g

[set content]
・OP011 Cherry Blossom
・OP019 Shell pink
・OP120 Peach
・OP122 John Briand
・OP123 Light Sand
・OP116 Ivory
・OP127 Cream
・OP240 Chartreuse Green
・OP222 Lettuce Green
・OP228 Ice Green
・OP312 Horizon Blue
・OP328 Lavender Blue
・OP422 Lilac
・OP022 Pink
・OP024 Coral
・OP028 Salmon pink
・OP131 Apricot
・OP134 Naples Yellow
・OP225 Cobalt Green
・OP227 Jade Green
・OP321 Porcelain Blue
・OP323 Aqua
・OP324 Sky Blue
・OP326 Forget Me Not Blue
・OP339 Smalt Blue
・OP434 Mauve
・OP436 Fuchsia
・OP437 Cosmos
・OP429 Rose pink
・OP076 Ash Rose
・OP171 Cork
・OP173 Beige
・OP175 Sand
・OP270 Willow Green
・OP271 Opal Green
・OP272 Misty Green
・OP274 Mint Green
・OP275 Surf Green
・OP277 Celadon
・OP371 Sky Mist
・OP395 Saxophone Blue
・OP379 Smoke Blue
・OP476 Seafog
・OP165 Mustard
・OP198 Olive Yellow
・OP291 Leaf Green
・OP430 Wisteria
・OP495 Rose Gray
・OP522 Warm Gray No.2
・OP532 Cool Gray No.2

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