Furutech Speakerflux-04/2.0 mPair SP Cable

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High-density conductor of α-OCC is adopted for the conductor.
・The insulation material which affects the transmission characteristics has the flexibility in addition to blocking vibration and external noise.
Uses high-performance PVC mixed with carbon powder.
・The plug is shaved from stainless steel alloy and has a carbon fiber finish with damping material, which provides excellent damping effect.
・The plug has a Y-lug on the amplifier side and a banana plug on the speaker side, and the contacts are made of high-density conductive material.
High-purity copper is used, and the cable connection section is directly connected to the block directly connected to the contact section with a screw-on connection.
Thoroughly reduces distortion. In addition, non-magnetic rhodium plating with high hardness prevents deterioration due to aging and maintains stability.
・The speaker side banana plug has a damping ring made of damping composite resin and a locking structure of the contact part.
Together, it enables reliable connection without being affected by vibration.
・Clamp part for cable and plug connection also adopts rigid non-magnetic stainless steel alloy, and stabilizer is used for cable branch.
By mounting it, the strength and vibration control effect are improved.
・α-Process processing (ultra-low temperature processing and special electromagnetic field processing) has been applied to cables and plugs to further enhance their conductivity.

・Conductor: α-Conductor (α-OCC Material) (6 x 43 Pieces/0.18 mm + PE Cord) x 2
・Insulation Material: Material/Polyethylene (Red/White) Outer Diameter/6.0 mm
・Filter: Cotton
・Shield: PET/Aluminum Tape Wrapped + (0.2 mm x 7 Pieces) Copper Wire Braided
・Sheath: RoHS Directive compliant flexible PVC outer diameter/15.2 mm
・Finished Appearance: Nylon Thread Weave External/16.0 mm

< Electrical Characteristics >
・Maximum conductor resistance 6.4 Ω/km JISC 3005 6 20 °C
・Minimum insulation resistance 1000 MΩ? km JISC 3005 9.1 20 °C
・Voltage withstand AC. 500 V/1 min. JISC 3005 8
・Capacitance Approx 45 PF/m at 1 KHz

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