Furutech GT-40α

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1. Adopts 192kHz/24bit high performance DAC/ADC IC chip (Cirrus Logic CS4270).

2. 192kHz/24bit USB chip (VIA VT1736)

3. Two types of external power supplies: *Power supply-1: Power supply by 5V DC USB bus power (only the USB chip must be powered independently).  
*Power supply-2: Powered by external AC/DC switching adapter (15V / 0.8A / 12W). (When inputting high-resolution sound sources such as LINE and Phno)

4. Equipped with a full-fledged OP/headphone amplifier - Compatible with standard headphone plugs, allowing you to drive full-fledged headphones with ease.
(Maxim MAX9722A) /A high-performance audio operational amplifier and high-quality capacitors with carefully selected sound quality are used to realize a high-quality analog circuit.
OP amplifier: New Japan Radio NJM5532 (for ADC, DAC, Line in and out), NJM2068 (for Phono)

5. Analog to Digital Converter / GT40α is equipped with an ADCIC chip for high-resolution recording with analog input from record players, AM/FM radio, or other analog signals.

6. RecAt/dB (level attenuation switching during recording) toggle switch can be switched in 3 stages: 0dB, 6dB, and 12dB.

7. It can also be used as a phono equalizer when playing analog records.
Supports MM, MC, Line input

8. Driver If you are using Mac or Linux, there is no need to install a driver. For Windows, standard driver installation is required. (Asynchronous mode, ASIO compatible)

9. Top quality quality in its class / In-house RCA pin jack with 24K gold plating and Teflon insulation / Aluminum machined level adjustment knob and aluminum front panel - Aluminum rear panel similar to high-end audio equipment

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