Furutech FP-3TS20 Incised Power Cable 1m Unit Sold

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*α-Conductors: α-conductors are OCC conductors, μ-conductors or μ-OFC conductors that have been subjected to α-process processing (ultra-low temperature processing and special electromagnetic field processing).


・Conductor Material: Alpha (Alpha) Conductor (2 Type stranding) Material: Alpha-OCC
Configuration (book/mm): 56/0. 18 (central) + 29/0. 18 (outside)
Outer Diameter (mm): 1.93
・Insulation Material: Polyethylene (Red, natural color, yellow)
Thickness (mm): 0.8
Outer Diameter (mm): 3.53
・Twist: 3-strand twist
・Sheath -1: Material: Flexible PVC (Black) Outer Diameter (mm): 9.6
・Sheath -2: Material: Flexible PVC (Dark Blue) Thickness (Nom.): 1.5 mm
・Shield: 0.12 alpha (Alpha) conductor braiding
・Finished Outer Diameter: 14.3 mm

・electrical property
Maximum conductor resistance: 8.0 Ω/km
Minimum insulator resistance: 1000 MΩ/km
Voltage: AC 1000 V/1 min.

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