Furutech FP-101 (G) Gold Plated RCA Plug

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・The signal line is screwed and the cold line is the line by the handa。
・The screw part has been improved from Torx Screw to H2.0 Hex Screw (size 2.6)。
-The center pin, which is an important signal pathway, gives the phosphorescent bronze a suitable spring pressure as a gold-plated wire shape,
 Significantly improved contact surface。
・The ground side has a pure upper gold plated finish with a body and integrated structure, and an 8-split collet chuck type lock
 The mechanism was adopted to greatly improve contact performance and reliability。
・The body part is a heavy finish that feels a full weight of 2.6 mm thick。
・The cover part has a matte black finish on a pure upper similar to the body。

*FURUTECHα (Alpha) Process (Special electromagnetic field processing and ultra low temperature treatment at minus 196 ⁇ C)。


・External dimensions: 13.8 (W) × 51.5 (L) mm
・Cable applicable diameter: MAX 9.3mm

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