Furutech Flow-08 spectacle-shaped in-line filter

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■Adapter-type and filter-integrated power supply unit for thoroughly removing noise components from AC power supply. By inserting it between the power cable and audio or video equipment, it not only blocks noise from the outside, but also prevents noise from spreading from the power supply to the outside, thereby providing clean power supply.

■The inlet plug uses a mold type glasses. The electrodes are gold plated on copper alloy material and then α processed.

■The cable uses silver coated alpha (alpha) conductors and special heat resistant grade PVC for insulation material that affects transmission characteristics. The flexible PVC exterior of the cable improves sound quality.
The combination of a cable with a special isolation structure and a rigid plug provides perfect vibration protection to prevent harmful external vibrations penetrating through the power cable.

■The filter consists of a series coil and a condenser integrated with an inlet connector. The filter attenuates noise components of about 8 dB at 100 KHz and about 14 dB at 500 KHz.
The electrodes are gold-plated and the filter is custom-made with epoxy to reduce the effect of vibration.
A low-loss filter with an extra-thick coil creates the advantage of not having a sense of energy control while enhancing the noise removal effect.
It has a great effect on removing high frequencies such as switching noise.

■The case that wraps the filter uses a special resin with damping properties, and the cable clamp section uses heavy damping stainless steel metal.
The housing itself also has a stabilizer effect, eliminating vibration and electromagnetic noise.


Conductor: Silver Coated Alpha (Alpha) Conductor Configuration (Book/mm): 37/0. 26 Outer Diameter (mm): 1.9 (Red, Yellow)
Insulator: Special heat-resistant grade PVC (Red, Yellow) Outer diameter (mm): 3.5
Sheath -1: RoHS compliant flexible PVC
Interposed: Cotton Thread/Fixed Layer Paper Tape (Wrap)
Finish Outer Diameter: 10 mm Approx.
Cable length: 70 cm

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