Furutech FI-52 NCF(R) 20A dedicated inlet plug

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Rhodium Plating Specifications


・Ceramic and carbon are made into nano-sized powder and mixed in a fixed ratio to produce a dramatic vibration absorption effect.
This time, a special anti-static material "NCF" was prepared. In addition to the previous strong damping effect, the electrostatic effect has been enhanced.
・The housing is carved out of stainless steel alloy, the inside uses a special resin with damping properties, and the outside is silver carbon.
It has a three-layer structure finished with fiber.
・The cable clamp inside the housing is also made of a special metal that is heavy and has vibration damping characteristics.
It shows.
・Equipped with "short ring function," an advanced version of earth jumper function. By eliminating the potential difference between the housing and the electrode mounting screws
To improve sound quality by suppressing disturbed electromagnetic unnecessary radiation generated from a connection between a blade part and a conductor inside a plug.


Dimensions: Body Length 40 mm x 40.5 mm Φ x 76.2 mm (Total Length)
Applicable diameter of cable: 6 mm to 20 mm
Wire Adaptable Diameter: 4 mm (Max.) Suitable for 10 AWG (5.5 SQ)
Connection by screwing

Type: 2-pole+earth
Rating:20A 125V/ 16A 250V A.C

< Tightening torque of screw >
・Connection Screw: 150 cN/m
・Body and housing fastening screws: 50 cN/m
・Cable clamp screws: 30 cN/m
Please do not exceed the allowable value when tightening.

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