Furutech FI-15ME(Cu)

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・The electrode part uses an α-conductor made of unplated pure copper material to ensure a stable connection.
・Equipped with "Earth Jumper" to suppress disturbed electromagnetic radiation generated from the blade section inside the plug and the connection part of the conductor by eliminating the potential difference between the housing and the mounting screw of the electrode part, and to improve the sound quality.
・Housing integrated body adopts nylon+ fiberglass.
・Cable clamp: Polycarbonate, Stainless steel screws
・Wiring by screw fastening

★ cable always generates electromagnetic radiation even in normal use, causing potential disturbance. Among them, the part where the electromagnetic unnecessary radiation is generated most prominently appears in the part where the cable is bent or broken The earth jumper function absorbs electromagnetic radiation by incorporating metal parts that come into contact with the mounting screws, and stabilizes the potential by dropping the radiation into the ground. This electromagnetic radiation absorption function effectively improves sound quality. This effect also greatly reduces electromagnetic vibration.


・Cable adaption diameter: 6.6mm〜13.0mmφ
・wire adaption diameter: 3.5mm (12AWG) max.
・size: 31.0mm×33.3mm×72.2mm(length)

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