Furutech e-TP80-JP

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・It is possible to eliminate the power noise of the home and use a clean power source to fully demonstrate the capabilities of the audio and visual equipment。
・Internal wiring adopts FURUTECHμ-14 wire (14 AWG), outlet is FURUTECH high quality audio grade
 Uses an outlet to provide stable, good power。
・At the bottom of the body, FURUTECH special electromagnetic wave absorber GC-303 is used to absorb the radiation noise measures without contact due to the electromagnetic wave absorption effect
 It has been and has been taken to protect the noise from EMI noise filters。
・FURUTECH 24K gold plated high quality audio grade outlet uses α(Alpha) conductor and is lossless
 We have made the realization of energy transfer。
・All metal parts are processed by FURUTECH α (Alpha) Process。
・Power cable "G-314Ag-18p" (Power plug FI-15ME (G), Inlet plug FI-15E (G)) included


・Output outlet number 8 mouths (4 filters, 4 non-filters)
・Dimension 400 (W) x 127.5 (D) x 60 (H) mm
・Weight 1.72Kg

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