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This is a watercolor painting starter kit supervised by Shigeyoshi Nomura, a popular watercolor artist known on TV. How to draw watercolors. Comes with a mini leaf.

This is a highly satisfying set created with the help of Mr. Nomura in selecting content for beginners. Contains 14 items selected from major art supply manufacturers! This set is easy to use even for first-time users, and is also good for professionals.

set content
vifArt watercolor paper medium grain (F0 size)
The paper is easy to handle, even for first-time users, and allows for a variety of expressions.

staedtler lead holder pencil
We have prepared a B core for sketching.

staedtler core sharpener
It is a two-hole type that can cut 2mm core and 3.15mm core.

holbein drawing scale
First, you can check where to put what on the paper.

Sakura Crepas water-based pen
Since it is a water-based pigment ink, it has excellent water resistance and is recommended for sketching watercolor paintings.

holbein kneaded eraser
Unlike regular erasers, soft kneaded erasers can erase without damaging the paper surface.

Maruman brush wash
It can be folded, yet stands on its own. This is a strange water container.

maruman palette
This is an original palette developed based on Mr. Nomura's advice to ``use the palette inside a sketchbook.''

Holbein transparent watercolor paint set of 12 colors
A watercolor paint for professionals that is transparent and has very good coloring.

Raphael round brush No. 3
It is sure to come in handy as your main tool when drawing watercolor paintings of various sizes.

Maruman Maru Brush No. 0
Choose a brush that balances the variety of expressions

Maruman flat brush 5/8 issue
Flat brushes are useful for painting and drawing.

sakura crepas water brush
Very convenient for sketching outdoors. Having one that you can use easily will make drawing easier.

Maruman pouch (190×250×100)
- Compact size perfect for those who are just starting out or want to continue.

・Although it is compact, it has everything you need for drawing in one place.

- Plenty of storage with 2 pockets on the outside and 4 pockets on the inside, separated by type. The pen holder part can be removed and used. Of course, there is plenty of storage space and you can buy more by yourself, which will make drawing more and more fun.
Shigeari Nomura

Born in Tokyo in 1959. Completed graduate school at Tama Art University. He is currently a part-time lecturer at Tama Art University, a lecturer at Culture School, and is active in TV programs. He holds exhibitions of his work, mainly solo exhibitions, every year. He has many technique books such as watercolor painting, colored pencil drawing, drawing, and sketching.

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