Maxon DS830 Distortion Master Guitar Effect Pedal Brand New

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Effects for guitar
Control: GAIN : Adjusts the depth of distortion. Turning to the right deepens the distortion.
BASS: Adjusts the low frequencies. Rotating to the right emphasizes the low frequencies.
TREBLE : Adjust mid-high range. The mid-high range is emphasized as the knob is turned to the right.
LEVEL : Adjusts the volume of the output.
Dedicated AC adapter AC210 (included)

Its main purpose is to drive an amplifier set to a clean tone. Low frequencies and bright high frequencies are clearly output. Good response that responds directly to picking even with hard distortion, and strong sustain that is thick and stretched even during crunch distortion. It demonstrates its ability as a guitarist's main drive.

GAIN control covers everything from overdrive-style crunch sounds to hard distortion sounds, and an EQ with a wide range of settings (BASS control freely manipulates heavy bass, and TREBLE control dramatically changes the sound character. ) allows you to create a wide variety of sounds.

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