Maxon VOP9 Vintage Overdrive Pro Guitar Effect Pedal Brand New

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Effector for guitar
Vintage overdrive
Control: drive, tone, level
Power supply: 9V battery or AC adapter (sold separately)
VOP9 is a mixture overdrive that superimposes overdrive sound on clean boost sound. At minimum drive level control, the overdrive circuit acts as a -12dB attenuator and the clean boost circuit acts as a 6dB booster for a clean flat boost sound. Overdrive sounds are added as the drive level control is increased.
All op amps use the well-established JRC NJM4558D IC, providing overdrive sound with little noise. The overdrive circuit uses the same type as OD808/OD9, which has a diode in the op amp's negative feedback loop.
4PDT mechanical switch adopts true bypass switching, and there is no deterioration of sound quality due to the switching circuit even in effects as well as bypass.

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