Maxon RTC600 Real Tube Compressor/Limiter Guitar Effect Pedal Brand New

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Effects for guitar
Pure compressor equipped with a vacuum tube. Produces a warm, lively compression/limiter sound.
Compressor/limiter that boasts low noise and wide dynamic range, employing an accurate RMS level (effective value) detection circuit and a high-performance low-noise VCA (Voltage Control Amplifier).
Equipped with 2 envelope controls (attack time, release time) in the basic 3 controls (threshold, ratio, gain). Compressor/limiter with detailed studio-level settings.
The threshold level can be continuously varied from 0dBu to -40dBu, providing optimal compression. The reduction LED accurately displays the compression effect and can be set visually.
The compression ratio can be continuously varied from 1:1 to ∞:1. The output gain is also continuously variable from 0dB to 30dB, producing a wide range of compression effects from clean booster to limiter.
9V supplied from the AC adapter is stepped up to 25V (±12.5V) and supplied to the compressor/limiter circuit. You'll get plenty of headroom and full-range frequency response for any instrument.
Adopt TBS (True Bypass Switching) by 4PDT mechanical switch. When bypassed, it will be in a complete bypass state that does not pass through any electronic circuits. There is no deterioration in sound quality because it does not pass through the electronic switching circuit even during effects.
AC adapter AC2009 included
Dimensions and weight: 121 (W) x 152 (D) x 60 (H) mm, 580 g

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