Maxon CS9PRO Stereo Chorus Guitar Effect Pedal Brand New

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Effector for guitar
Stereo chorus
Stereo output specification:
Adoption of TBS (True Bypass Switching). When the effect is off, the signal does not pass through any electronic circuits and is completely bypassed, sending a bypass signal that is as close as possible to the amplifier when connected directly. A low-noise mechanical switch is used for the effect/normal selector switch.
SPEED: Controls the speed of the modulation (undulation). Rotate to the right for faster modulation.
WIDTH: Controls the depth of modulation. Rotate to the right for deeper modulation.
DELAY TIME: Controls the range of the chorus effect. At the fully left position, the delay time is the shortest, and the effect is applied to the high frequencies, creating a feeling similar to a flanger. Rotating the knob toward the right lengthens the delay time, extending the effect to the lower frequencies.
BLEND: Controls the volume of dry sound and effect sound. Normally, the ratio of dry sound to effect sound is set to 1:1 when turned all the way to the right.

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