Holbein transparent watercolor paint 60 color set 5ml No. 2 tube

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Made from pigment and gum arabic medium. When mixed with water and applied, the paint itself is highly transparent, so you can see the lines drawn by the pencil or pen underneath, and when layered, it creates the effect of mixing colors.

·High concentration
A wide range of color changes can be achieved by adding water.
・Moderate bleeding
It's easy to draw because it doesn't soak into the paper too much.
・Vivid coloring
The beauty of carefully selected pigments remains on the screen.
・Excellent light resistance
We use many excellent pigments that do not fade easily.
・High transparency
Its high transparency allows a variety of watercolor techniques to be expressed effectively.

[set content]
・Permanent Alizarin Crimson
・Cadmium Red Deep
・Cadmium red purple
・Vermilion Hue
・Scarlet Lake
·Cherry red
・Brilliant pink
・Shell pink
・Naples Yellow
・Joan Buryan No2
・Lemon yellow
・Yellow ocher
・Permanent yellow light
・Permanent yellow deep
・Permanent yellow orange
・Greenish yellow
・Brilliant orange
・Gambo Ginova
・Viridian Hugh
・Fukas green
・Cobalt green
・Emerald Green Nova
・Tail belt
・Permanent Green No1
・Permanent Green No2
・Compose Green
・Olive green
・Sap green
・Leaf green
・Shadow green
・Cobalt blue hue
・Cerulean blue
・Ultramarine Deep
・Badgeter Blue
・Prussian Blue
・Peacock blue
·Marine blue
・Horizon Blue
・Mineral violet
・Permanent magenta
・Permanent violet
・Rose violet
・Bright Rose
・Raw umber
・Burnt Umber
・Burnt Sienna
・Ivory black
・Yellow gray
・Gray of Gray
・Davis Gray
・Chinese white
・Pain's Gray
・Titanium white

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