Holbein transparent watercolor paint 108 complete color set 5ml No. 2 tube

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Holbein transparent watercolor paint complete set

Capacity: No. 2 (5ml) *Various colors

[Content color]
・Permanent Alizarin Crimson
・Crimson Rake
・Rose madder
・Cadmium red light
・Cadmium Red Deep
・Cadmium red orange
・Cadmium red purple
・Vermilion Hue
・Permanent rose
・Permanent tread
・Scarlet Lake
・Brown mudder
·Cherry red
・Brilliant pink
・Shell pink
・Naples Yellow
・Joan Buryan No1
・Joan Buryan No2
・Lemon yellow
・Yellow ocher
・Permanent yellow lemon
・Permanent yellow light
・Permanent yellow deep
・Permanent yellow orange
・Cadmium yellow lemon
・Cadmium yellow pale
・Cadmium yellow light
・Cadmium Yellow Deep
・Cadmium yellow orange
・Indian yellow
・Greenish yellow
・Brilliant orange
・Gambo Ginova
・Viridian Hugh
・Fukas green
・Cobalt green
・Emerald Green Nova
・Tail belt
・Permanent Green No1
・Permanent Green No2
・Permanent Green No3
・Cadmium green pail
・Cadmium Green Deep
・Compose Green No1
・Compose Green No2
・Compose Green No3
・Olive green
・Sap green
・Cobalt green yellow shade
・Leaf green
・Bamboo green
・Shadow green
·cobalt blue
・Cobalt blue hue
・Cerulean blue
・Ultramarine light
・Ultramarine Deep
・Badgeter Blue
・Compose blue
・Prussian blue
·turquoise blue
・Peacock blue
·Marine blue
·Royal Blue
・Horizon Blue
・Manganese Blue Nova
・Cobalt turquoise light
・Cobalt violet light
・Mineral violet
・Mars Violet
・Permanent magenta
・Permanent violet
・Rose violet
・Bright Rose
・Bright violet
・Mars yellow
・Light red
・Raw umber
・Burnt Umber
・Burnt Sienna
・Indian Red
・Bandaiki Brown
・Peach black
・Ivory black
・Lamp black
・Blue gray
・Yellow gray
・Green gray
・Gray of Gray
・Violet gray
・Davis Gray
・Pain's Gray
・Neutral tint
・Chinese white
・Titanium white

It is a paint for professionals that boasts fresh colors, strong coloring power, strong light fastness, high transparency, and high-quality quality with good brush strokes.

The accumulation of subtle colors using transparency, the wide range of color expression through color mixing, and the effect of blurring with paper are the real pleasures that only transparent watercolor can offer.

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