Holbein Artist Colored Pencils 100 Colors Set (Basic Colors) Paper Box Included

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Holbein Artist Colored Pencils are oil-based colored pencils made of carefully selected finely-grained pigments and softly molded, tailored to meet the high demands of professionals.

As a coloring material, it is excellent for rapid shooting, allowing you to apply the necessary colors one after another without getting your hands dirty.


1. Soft core spreads easily
・You can use a thick lead to paint evenly, or use a thin lead to create smooth thin lines.

2.Excellent light resistance
- Carefully selected high-quality pigments are created to minimize fading and discoloration due to light.

3. Easy to draw with thick core and shaft
- The core is thick at 3.8 mm in diameter, allowing you to fill in a large area at once. The diameter of the shaft is 7.8 mm, making it easy to grip and your hands won't get tired.

4. Can also be painted on watercolors, gouache, and acrylic paints.
- Adheres well to any paper and can be used with watercolors and acrylics.

5. You can draw in watercolor style with Melts.
- Draw on the screen in advance with colored pencils, then melt and blur the top with Melts to create a watercolor-like finish.

Case: paper box

[Content color]
・Cherry Bussam
·salmon pink
・Signal red
・Sweet strawberry
・Light red
・Burnt Sienna
・Ash Rose
・Joan Buryan
・Nables Yellow
・Canary yellow
・Yellow ocher
・Burnt Umber
・Raw umber
・Olive green
・Olive yellow
・Lettuce green
・Cobalt green
・Ice green
·Emerald green
・Chartreuse green
・Fresh green
・Apple green
・Malachite green
・Sap Green
・Holly Green
・Forest Green
・Willow green
・Opal green
・Misty Green
・Surf green
・Fur green
・Moss green
・Leaf green
・Jasper green
・Horizon Blue
・Porcelain blue
·sky blue
・Lavender blue
・Cerulean blue
・Smalt Blue
・Peacock blue
·turquoise blue
·cobalt blue
·Royal Blue
・Ultra blue
・Prussian blue
・Sky Mist
・Smoke blue
·Sax Blue
·Rose pink
・Soft white
・Lamp black
・Warm Gray #3
・Warm Gray #5
・Cool Gray #3
・Cool Gray #5
・Pale gold
・Luminous Opera
・Luminous orange
・Luminous lemon
・Luminous green

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